Angela "The Claw" Kestrel stands alone on the top floor in the tower in Thrallmar with her pet Jir'see.


<Angela coos to the felhunter again before turning her attention to you.>
Jir'see's always been smaller than all the other felhunters, but that's never bothered him. And Outland's going to change all that, right Jir'see?
Momma's little angel is going to grow up to be a big, fierce felhunter, yes he is!

"Who's a big felhunter? YOU ARE!"


Rumored to be named after a friend of a Blizzard employee's character, which is similar to a character from Queen of Wands. The writer of Queen of Wands have an NPC in Northrend named after her, Sage Aeire.

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