Ancient Teleport: Dalaran
Spell arcane teleportdalaran
  • Ancient Teleport: Dalaran
  • 0 yds (Self)  range
  • 3% of base mana
  • 10 sec cast
  • Teleports the caster to Dalaran
Usable by
ClassUi-charactercreate-classes mage Mage
Casting time10 sec cast
CooldownNone/Global Cooldown
Level required71

Ancient Teleport: Dalaran will port the mage to Dalaran Crater, where the mage will fall approximately 150 feet, and without a slowing effect, the mage will take significant damage.

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To learn [Ancient Teleport: Dalaran]:

  • Fly to Scarlet Halls (right hand instance) set to Icon-normal-22x22 Normal or Icon-heroic-22x22 Heroic mode.
  • Make sure you kill the final boss, Boss 15 Flameweaver Koegler, quickly and stand in front of him to block him burning his books.
    • Easily completed at level 90+.
  • Loot book from the shelf just inside on the right. (If you look backwards towards the door, it's just on the left)
  • Learn [Ancient Teleport: Dalaran]
  • Go to (Northrend or Broken Shore)[citation needed] Dalaran.
After learning this spell you can now buy one copy of Inv misc book 07 [Ancient Tome of Portal: Dalaran] from Endora Moorehead <Magical Goods>[38.6, 53.8]
in the room to the left of the Violet Citadel steps) - though if someone has bought it recently, you might need to wait up to an hour for her to sell it again (limited supply).

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