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Anaris is as good as Shandris Feathermoon at shooting and as bad as a satyr at inspiring.

Anaris Windwood was a night elf Sentinel stationed in Ashenvale during the War of the Thorns. During the Cataclysm, when the orcs overran Silverwind Refuge, Anaris was the one who led the charge in its retaking, and thus secured her position as Commander of Ashenvale.

She was described as a genuine war hero many times over, but she was not included in the group of veteran Sentinels that were sent to Silithus to thwart the Horde, likely due to her abrasive personality. This was also why she remained behind during the battle at the Broken Shore.

She was a personal hero for Delaryn Summermoon, but her abrasiveness and the way she treated those under her command quickly soured that outlook. Regardless, Anaris promoted Delaryn to her second-in-command.


Anaris was described as being tall, even for a night elf. In lieu of their typical facial markings, she retained the scars she sustained early in her career against a troll's raptor. Proud of them, she resented any attempts at sympathy directed her way.


Due to her desire to control those under her, Anaris routinely forced even the most experienced Sentinels to participate in mundane drills. Away from Silverwind Refuge on one of these drills, she did not have the appropriate forces in place when Horde assassins struck during the War of the Thorns.

Delaryn raced to catch up with her, warning her that other outposts were also under attack. Before Anaris could properly relay any orders for the Sentinels, she was cut down by a Forsaken assassin, Rifen.

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