Amphitheater Vendor is a snacks vendor found at the Amphitheater of Anguish in Zul'Drak. [48.4, 58.4]


  • Snacks!
  • Snacks for sale!
  • Get your snacks here!
  • Snacks! Get your snacks here!
  • Popcorn! Get your popcorn!
  • Peanuts! Get your peanuts here!
  • Anguish Ale! Cold Anguish Ale here!
  • Popcorn! Peanuts! Ale!


  • As he walks around promoting his snacks, occasionally an Amphitheater Spectator will motion for him, he will then toss an item to the spectator.
  • Players can make full use of this as well, by preforming a /wave at the vendor he will toss one of three different items:
  • He does not sell anything that he is promoting.

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