Ambassador Solannas is a level 70 blood elf who arrives at the Stormspire with two bodyguards after the completion of Neutral 15 [70] Full Triangle. Solannas demands that the Consortium hand over the ata'mal crystal shard that was brought to Nexus-Prince Haramad by the player(s) who completed the quest. When the demand is refused, Solannas and his bodyguards attack the player(s). Haramad himself emerges in person from a nearby teleporter to save the player(s), killing Solannas and his guards.

Dialogue with Haramad

Upon Haramad saying that the player had given him much to think about (ending Full Triangle), Solannas and his two Ambassador's Honor Guards teleport in.

Ambassador Solannas says: Indeed, Nexus-Prince Haramad, you do have much to think on. Such as turning that ata'mal crystal over to my master, Prince Kael'thas.
Image of Nexus-Prince Haramad says: No, I think not. The selflessness that I have just been witness to has cleared my mind. My dealings with your master are at an end. You may return and let him know that I have decided to turn the ata'mal crystal over to the naaru.
Ambassador Solannas says: WHAT! This is outrageous! You will pay for this, Haramad! You and your assistant here!
Solannas and his honor guards attack the player.
Image of Nexus-Prince Haramad says: Guards! Hold on, I will be right there!
Haramad emerges from a nearby teleporter and proceeds to kill Solannas and his honor guards.
Nexus-Prince Haramad says: That definitely ended our business relationship with Kael'thas. Please stay here. I will return shortly and there is something I want you to do.


  • Fireball: Inflicts Fire damage to an enemy.
  • Frost Nova: Inflicts Frost damage to nearby enemies, immobilizing them for up to 8 sec.

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