These mobs come in pairs, and spawn during the protracted first boss encounter.

Attacks and abilities

  • Basic Melee: Deals roughly 6k to cloth.
  • Dismount: After a certain amount of damage (observed to be about 15%), the rider separates from his bear mount.
  • Furious Roar: Stacking physical debuff, targets take 25% more damage.
  • Cleave: Attacks two enemies in front of him.


Once he dismounts, both he and the bear are subject to crowd control effects (i.e. freezing trap, polymorph, sleep and fear).

The most important thing to remember here is that the Furious Roar is a stackable debuff. Separate the mobs quickly and you will have no problem.

Unlike the bear mobs before them the enrage is not dispellable with hunters tranquilizing shot. It does not last long enough to make much of a difference UNLESS the tank has the stacked Furious Roars.

Once the Warbringer does separate the Troll has somewhere around 16-20% health and the bear has 80-85%. We found it easy enough to sleep the bear, kill the troll, then kill the bear then move on to the next one and repeat.



They come with a pack of four before the bear boss. Crowd control the two adds on the sides (they're susceptible to Polymorph and and Freezing Trap) and split them apart. They enrage and kick the crap out of the tank. We had 3 healers, 1 for each tank and a clean up. When the Warbringer enrages all 3 healers need to be on that tank (HoTs should keep the other tank as long as his Warbringer doesn't enrage), hopefully they don't enrage at the same time. I think we managed to keep them both up during an enrage by the skin of our teeth. When the Warbringer gets to a certain health amount, he dismounts, kill the troll and the tank needs to pick up the bear quickly. Saving a Thunder Clap for when the Warbringer hits 25% should do the trick. Healers really have to keep the tank topped off for a couple seconds here because you're taking double damage until the troll goes down.

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