Amani'shi Flame Casters are forest trolls found in Zul'Aman.

Attacks and abilities

  • Fire Blast: Hits for around 3k.
  • Fireball Volley: Hits for around 3k.
  • Haste self-buff, increasing casting speed by 300% and movement speed by 200%.



  • These normally come with groups of Combat 15 Amani'shi Guardians which are able to dispel polymorph. A trick is to polymorph the Flame Caster, and then mind control it. This way, the polymorph will not be broken.
  • To reduce their damage-output on the raid, Purge/Dispell/Spellsteal their haste buff, then interrupt their Fireball Volleys.
  • Mindcontrolling them is advisable since they do great damage to the other mobs.
  • They have poor melee damage and their mana pool is not big so mana draining them might be a good idea. Use Mana Burn, Viper Sting and Drain Mana and they won't need any tanking.

Additional Notes

  • Another trick is to polymorph them and simply to pull the Guardians far enough to the side in order to drag them out of range for their dispel-cast. But that's more risky than the upper mentioned methods and should only be used when the combination "polymorph plus mind-control" is not available due to whatever reasons.
  • Mages love these mobs for the self cast buff they have, which they can spellsteal. The Buff itself will decrease spellcast by a great amount (But the global cooldown will restrict it to at least 1 second), and they can have their own fun with 200% running speed while leaving a blue flame trail.

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