Alyssa Eva is a level 7 reagent vendor located in Darkshire in the Alliance-aligned territory of Duskwood. She is the granddaughter of Madame Eva and sister of Lohgan Eva. She lives with her grandmother in the last house on the right along the north path out of town.

Prior to The Shattering, she was referenced in the The Legend of Stalvan quest chain when her grandmother had a premonition of her in danger. That danger, Stalvan Mistmantle killing her, was averted when players slew Stalvan in the final chapter of the chain.

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Cataclysm No This section concerns content that was removed with Cataclysm.

Prior to The Shattering, Alyssa could supply Druids, Mages, Priests and Warlocks with reagents for several of their (now removed) spells:

Family Edit

Madame Eva
Watcher Eva
Unknown Parent
Unknown Parent
Alyssa Eva
Lohgan Eva
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Watcher Eva may be her grandfather, as he wanders the nearby cemetery and mentions wanting to see his family again.

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