Commander Althea Ebonlocke is a level 45 quest giver located in Darkshire in the human-aligned territory of Duskwood. She is the daughter of Darkshire's Mayor, Lord Ello Ebonlocke.[1] (LoC 47) Multiple units often work together under her. She has yet to earn the respect of many of the militia. Well known for her keen and decisive orders in the field, however, she is well on the road to gaining the Night Watch’s trust.[1] (LoC 48) She and Captain Helvas Grange lead the local militia called The Night Watch and have sworn to protect the citizens of Darkshire, after Stormwind retracted their guards from Duskwood.


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Before the Shattering ever erupted, Althea was on guard duty when she met with Lieren and Loania, who came all the way from the Aerie Peaks to search for their mother Adena and wanted to know what had happened to her, only for Althea to respond that Adena had died recently.[2]

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During the war against Deathwing the Destroyer, Althea met with the mage Karlain, who had come from Goldshire to search for his son Mardigan. When word was told that Mardigan was seeking some Wolf Cult, Althea reported a group of Dark Riders that were inside Manor Mistmantle, and assisted in directing Karlain to the priest Revil Kost. Leading a small strike team of night watchers, Althea, Karlain and Revil planned to ambush the Dark Riders with the help of a gnome rogue named Brink Spannercrank, a member of the SI:7. However, when one of the riders used a teleportation spell, Althea and the entire group were transported into Karazhan. Not wanting to give up this fight, Althea continued to battle with the Riders and The Curator, but Brink found an amulet and sent the watchers back in time before the ambush ever occurred.[3]

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When the Burning Legion returned and launched its third invasion to the world of Azeroth, Althea lost all hope after hearing the news of Varian Wrynn's death at the hands of Gul'dan. Believing the Legion could save her, she and her father Ello Ebonlocke were among those in Darkshire that joined the Veiled Hand, a small cult of humans led by Melris Malagan. Her plan was to bring the downfall of Stormwind City, but was defeated by Garona Halforcen and a rogue adventurer.

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