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Alonda was member of the Kirin Tor who was always looking for a fifth species of troll. She saw an opportunity to gain information about the possible fifth species of troll when young Khadgar was chosen to be Medivh's apprentice. She requested that Khadgar scour the beastiaries of Karazhan for any information. To her disappointment, Khadgar was unable to find anything about a fifth species of troll. Medivh hinted that there was no such thing. Convinced that she was right about the mythical fifth species, she insisted on continuing her search anyway.[1]

Her status is unknown.

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It is possible that the fifth species of trolls sought by Alonda are the Sandfury trolls based on the fact that prior to World of Warcraft four species of troll were known: forest trolls, jungle trolls, ice trolls, and dark trolls.


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