Allakhazam is a website that offers news and gaming information. Until recently it offered an online searchable database for many massively multiplayer online games currently on the market, but recently discontinued its WoW database. It started as an information website centered around Everquest, and expanded to include multiple MMO Games. Its biggest sites are for World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Everquest 2, and Everquest. It had a World of Warcraft database very similar to Thottbot and Wowhead in that it used an AddOn to collect and upload WoW data to a browse-able website database with similar data, as well as character profiles, and quest data. It also has a set of popular forums for WoW which have become the primary focus of the site.

Allakhazam's method of getting data was their program called WoWreader. The popularity of this site for WoW info has been on a steady decline.

In late November 2010, Allakhazam decided to start using Wowhead for their database and retired the old Allakhazam database.[3]


Allakhazam, Thottbot, and Wowhead are owned by ZAM Network.


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