Alastair Bentstaff is a human sorcerer and mage. He is the old nemesis of the high elf Leanine Starborn. During a duel, Alastair began to cast the spell chain lightning at her. She readied a counter spell, and cast dispel magic. She tried to use the spell spirit touch to try to capture the spell for later use. However while she successfully countered his spell, she failed to capture the spell. Alastair then cast fly and bull's strength on himself. Leanine then cast dispel magic in prepartaion to use steal magic on him (a combination that if worked would transfer the spells to her rather than eliminating them). The dispel cast succeeded, allowing for her to use rob magic to transfer the spells to herself. She succeeded at transferring bull's strengh to herself, but failed to transfer fly (the dispel backfired and he was able to retain his fly spell) While they were still engaged in combat he then attempted to cast frost nova and she again prepared a counterspell, she successfally countered the spell. Shen then decided to deflect the spell onto Alastair's cronies, the frost nova exploded among his friends injuring them. Then Alastair attempted to cast cripple and she again successfully dispelled it, and this time reflected the spell back at him, causing Alastair to cast the spell on himself. In the end the duel just wasn't very successful for Alastair, because Leonine countered everything he threw at her.[1][2][3]

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