Aether Rays are a type of level 70-71 Nether Ray found in the Blade's Edge Mountains within Outland. They are tan and pink in color with green, glowing eyes. They are found flying high and low around the Vortex Pinnacle and Crystal Spine areas in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

As a quest objective Edit

Aether Rays are wrangled as a quest objective for the daily quests Neutral 15 [70] Wrangle Some Aether Rays! and Neutral 15 [70] Wrangle More Aether Rays! given by Skyguard Khatie.

To successfully wrangle these, you must damage the Aether Ray down to about 20% of its health and an emote saying the Aether Ray is ready to be wrangled will appear, meaning you can now use the supplied quest item Wrangling Rope to capture one.

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