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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Aertin Brighthand served as a magi in the court of the father of Prince Nallorath, then later as the Spearhead of the Council of Tirisfal (a prototype of the Guardian of Tirisfal) during the battle with Kathra'natir at Dalaran. The Council, unable to fight the dreadlord on their own, chose the young high elf to empower with their magic. Yet Kathra'natir was smart, avoiding a direct confrontation to strike at the individual members of the Council instead.

Unfortunately, with their powers locked inside Aertin, they were unable to properly defend themselves. Whenever a member fell, the high elf grew weaker and more vulnerable.[1] Kathra'natir took advantage of this by knocking a distracted Meryl Winterstorm unconscious. Aertin sacrificed the last remains of his power and his life to absorb most of the impact of Kathra’natir’s assault in order to protect the Council and fuel Alodi's shield spell, who stepped in to fend off the demon.[2]


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