Aeris Landing

Aeris Landing, located at [31, 57]
in southern Nagrand, is a small outpost controlled by the the Consortium - a band of Outland traders. They care little for political power, but rather on making more money through trade. It is led by the ethereal merchant Gezhe.

Aeris Landing was established to mine Oshu'gun, but operations were stopped because they were told of Oshu'gun's relation to the Naaru and don't wish to proceed until the situation with the Naaru is resolved.[1] Aeris Landing was originally meant to be built farther south, but it was built closer because Gezhe predicted a 10% increase in profit as a result of the closer proximity.[2] Due to them being so close to Oshu'gun, they are threatened by the Voidspawn and the rogue ethereals in the area.[2] Since they cannot mine Oshu'gun, they resort to getting other materials from adventurers.[3][4]

The outpost has typical ethereal structures, as well as an ethereal transportation portal. A Consortium Nether Runner comes through the portal every minute and gives news to Gezhe. The following quotes are exchanged between the two:


Consortium Nether Runner

  • Nether Runner
    • "Xarodi sector markets have reopened, sir. Sapphires of all sort are up. Silver is down. Gold is up. Diamonds remain stable. Oh, and your brother asks that you return the holocubes you borrowed last week."
    • "Heraazi exports are on the rise, sir. We've already bribed the appropriate taxation officers and contraband will begin to arrive within days."
    • "No word from the nexus-prince as of yet. Rumors of a dispute with our clients in Netherstorm have begun to circulate. Our Sordaraami backers speak of divesting. We've dispatched our top negotiators to dissuade them, sir." (This is likely referencing the breaking of the trade agreement between the Consortium and the blood elves in Netherstorm.)
    • "Hail Gezhe! Seventeen more orders have been placed in the Hara'samid Sector. The markets of heavy veldarite have all but collapsed, as you predicted."
  • Gheze's Responses
    • "Nothing surprising here. Come back with some real news, would you?"
    • "Bribe who you must, but I need some inside information this week if I'm to make a profit and keep your lot employed. Off with you!"

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