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Aegira is a Vrykul of the Tideskorn clan who lived in Stormheim.


Early Life

A female Vrykul of the mighty Tideskorn clan, Aegira lived in Stormheim and was the apprentice of Melba, who was a brewmaster. Even while growing up, she had always thought to herself that she would one day learn the ways of becoming a brewmaster. That was when her mentor was murdered by Morjirn for her Storm Brew recipe, leaving Aegira all alone without her mentor.


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When the Burning Legion came back to Azeroth, Aegira was among many of the Tideskorn Vrykul that refused to join the Legion and revolted against their new enemies. When the Grand Master of the Broken Temple approached her for the recipe, Aegira teamed up with the Monk to regain the recipe and avenger her mentor.

After the recipe was recovered, Aegira sends the Grand Master to gather the ingredients required to make the brew. After the Grand Master was successful in gathering all ingredients, she was pleased and grateful, and decided to learn the ways of becoming a Monk. She travels with the Grand Master to the Wandering Isle and prepares her training.

After completing most of her training on the isle, she partipcated in the defense when Lady Keletress leads a garrison of the Burning Legion to attack. Aegira fought alongside Chen Stormstout, and helped him and the Grand Master in preparing the Storm Brew. With the Storm Brew completed, she gave it to the Grand Master which helped defeat Lady Keletress. Due to her courage and valor, Aegira became a grand champion of the Order of the Broken Temple.

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