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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.
Adena alive

Adena hearing about Dougan's fate

Adena is the widowed wife of Dougan and the mother of Lieren and Loania. After hearing the sad news of Dougan’s demise from his friends Kardan and Voldana, Adena's grief was so immense that her mind snapped and she became unfit to raise her own twin baby girls. Kardan and Voldana were forced to leave her in the care of a healer, while the two friends each adopted a twin. Not long after they had left Grand Hamlet with the girls, Adena committed suicide and was buried in Raven Hill Cemetery. She eventually became a mindless undead. Her soul was finally put to rest after her grown daughters returned to Duskwood to behead her. She was reburied in the Hinterlands, between Aerie Peak and Quel'Danil Lodge so that her daughters could visit her grave.[1]


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