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Acridistrasz is a eager young red dragon currently guarding Grim Batol under the command of Garshilan. Brann Bronzebeard came across him while exploring Grim Batol during his journeys through the Eastern Kingdoms. Acridistrasz told Brann Bronzebeard the Red Dragonflight is "guarding a secret that living creatures are not meant to know."

Acridistrasz is a young red dragon fiercely loyal to his queen, but he has a tendency to involve himself in mortal affairs. Acridistrasz heard that a powerful black dragon, disguised as a troll, lurked within a small troll encampment to the south of Grim Batol. Acridistrasz knew that his prominence in the red dragonflight would rise immensely should he defeat a black dragon in battle. To that end, he sought a band of adventurers to journey to the troll enclave and confirm or deny the rumor. The young wyrm hoped the adventurers would find out if the black dragon did indeed hide with the trolls, and not to attack it if it did; they were simply to report back to Acridistrasz so he could deal with the creature. He would have performed the investigation himself, but it would have taken him away from his duties. It seems Brann thinks this may be related to the powerful secret in Grim Batol; he also speculates that the secret may be that red dragons captured the black dragon Deathwing. [1] (LoC 75)

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