Abyssal Halls entrance


Looking to the portal


Hallway leading to The Riptide


Hallway "windows"


Side halls blocked by Ozumat's tentacle

The Abyssal Halls makes up the lower section of the Throne of the Tides instance. Players are greeted with a quest giver for their particular faction before venturing away from the portal and down the long hallway towards the Riptide, an elevator that will take them up to the next floor where they will face off against the first boss, Lady Naz'jar.

Once players have defeated Naz'jar, they can return to the first to face bosses located in the right and left wings.


Portal room[49.9, 90.9]
Main hallway[50.6, 60.8]


  • If Lady Naz'jar is not killed first, players cannot proceed into either wing; Ozumat's tentacles will knock them backward. The tunnels are also blocked by an invisible barrier.
  • Mobs will come through the "windows" of the long hallway to attack parties on their way to the elevator.
  • Each wing has a "gauntlet" of mobs players proceed through to get to the boss.
  • Players with IconSmall Archaeology [Archaeology] who have a [Highborne Scroll] may want to stop by the Strange Fountain near the Riptide. Completing the daily quest will reward groups with the Waters of Elune buff.

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