Abyssal Depths is the third and last zone in the undersea region known as Vashj'ir. The Depths are home to the ancient god L'ghorek, who is connected to something immense beneath the seafloor. The Twilight's Hammer saps life energy from this gigantic being to create "Ascendants" for the coming war against Neptulon for control of the seas.

Also within the depths is the Abyssal Breach, the entrance into the Abyssal Maw itself...where more unknown horrors await.


See history of Vashj'ir.


The Abyssal Depths, unlike Vashj'ir's other subzones, has wildly varying topography and geography. Players will be very familiar with the deep caves of Darkbreak Cove and Tenebrous Cavern, similar to the faction hubs within the Shimmering Expanse. Outside these caves, the world is full of multi-level coral reefs and tall stone pillars. Slicing through the south-central part of the zone is a deep, dark trench, full of giant eels and deep sea murlocs. This canyon rests beside the ancient L'ghorek, an entity related to Nespirah. To the south of L'ghorek is an abandoned reef, full of grey sands and murky waters, with only skeletal fish floating through it. The central part of the zone hosts steaming hot thermal vents jutting form the brownish, burnt sands. The most notable feature is to the northeast, where the immense Abyssal Breach lays, a deep chasm punched into the depths with a constant vortex pulling all things into its center.


Getting There


To get to the Depths, you have to accept the quest to go there on the ships. Horde 15 Legionnaire Nazgrim/Alliance 15 Captain Taylor will send you on your way after completing the final quest in the Naz'jar Battlemaiden chain, up to and including A Breath of Fresh Air. After accepting the quest aboard the boats, players will be whisked to the Abyssal Depths via The Verne (Horde) or the Pincer X2 (Alliance).

"Swim" Master locations

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Level Range Direction
Shimmering Expanse 80-82 East




Classification Type
Beast Crabs
Sea Turtles
Warp stalkers
Whale Shark
Humanoid Ascendants
Deep sea murlocs
Faceless ones
Ogre mage
Uncatagorized Fleshbeasts
Merciless Ones

Rare mobs CombatMobRare 32

Name Type
RepFrame - Neutral Combat 15 IconSmall SpiritBeast Ghostcrawler Crab; No loot
RepFrame - Alliance Hostile RepFrame - Horde Hostile Combat 15 IconSmall WhaleShark Mobus Loot; Raid
RepFrame - Alliance Hostile RepFrame - Horde Hostile Combat 15 IconSmall Seahorse Poseidus Loot
RepFrame - Alliance Hostile RepFrame - Horde Hostile Combat 15 IconSmall FacelessOne Shok'sharak Loot


Trade mining
Trade herbalism
Inv misc pelt wolf 01
Trade fishing
Source Item Skill Level
Herbalism Inv misc herb azsharasveil [Azshara's Veil] 425
Inv misc herb stormvine [Stormvine] 425
from Obsidium Deposit
Source Item
Cloth (Drop) Inv misc emberweaveclothbolt 01 [Embersilk Cloth]
Skinning Item savageleather [Savage Leather]
Inv misc deepseascales [Deepsea Scale]

Though there are no fishing pools, you can fish; 575 fishing is required to fish without catching junk.

Notable Characters

Main article: Abyssal Depths NPCs

Players will recognize a number of quest givers form their time in the Shimmering Expanse and Kelp'thar Forest. Horde 15 Legionnaire Nazgrim and Alliance 15 Captain Taylor join with players at Promontory Point halfway through their Depths experience, and players continue to interact with them all the way through Defending the Rift, which sees another well-known NPC captured by the naga: Erunak Stonespeaker. Wavespeakers Tulra and Valoren are also here, this time giving quests to members of both factions. As with the Shimmering Expanse, players will assist another ancient in regaining control; this time it is L'ghorek requiring assistance being freed from members of the Twilight's Hammer clan.


Main article: Abyssal Depths quests
Quest point

Players begin their excursion within the Depths by attempting to discover a viable alternative for submarine fuel, and this rapidly evolves into helping hide their faction's secret submarines from the other faction. Quests bring players into the luminescent Underlight Canyon, there to assist a swimming-challenged dwarf or a forlorn orc who is looking to avenge the loss of his wolf companion (don't worry, she's okay!). Emerging from the dark canyon will bring players to fighting naga, repelling Faceless ones defiling the local fauna, and assisting the ancient, L'ghorek. This all culminates in a final battle against the naga at the Abyssal Breach.

Areas of interest

Inv misc idol 05



Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Icon-heroic-22x22Instance portal purple Throne of the Tides 80-83 5-man


WoW Icon 16x16 In-game



  • At Seabrush.
  • Within Underlight Canyon.
  • The Scalding Chasm.
  • The eerie Abandoned Reef.


Abyssal Depths HD - World of Warcraft Cataclysm

Abyssal Depths HD - World of Warcraft Cataclysm

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