Abrakkar the Wretched is an orc lich of the Scourge. He is also a sorcerer[1] and necromancer[2]. This skeletal being has bluish-white skin stretched tightly over a bony frame. Heavy clothing embroidered with arcane markings drapes over its slight frame. Its eye sockets glow red with malevolence.

He speaks Common and Orcish.[1]

History Edit

A veteran of the Scourge who wore his years on his beaten and scarred skeleton, known for his brash anger and fury in battle, he was present during the Siege of Quel'Thalas and attempted to quash the Blood Elves as they fled into Silverpine.

A favourite of Arthas he held the Ghostlands for a time when Arthas fled to Northrend. When Balnazzar was slain he was horrified to find out Sylvanas and her banshees had assumed control of the Capital, his disgust of the elves extended even into death and Abrakkar found his control of the Ghostlands falling apart. He survived the Scourge Civil War but lost much of his army, he retreated from Silverpine into the Ghostlands when the Forsaken Deathguard began pursuing him.

Preferring demonic and necromantic powers to the overly-delicate frost magic, Abrakkar always traveled with a guard of Abominations and prefers to use them in conflict almost exclusively.

Abrakkar's fury at being chased and turned from a hero of the Scourge to a haggard exile eclipsed in a final ambush by the Forsaken where he took down at least 9 Deathguard Assassins before he was shot to death by archers. He was later killed by the Forsaken in the Ghostlands.[citation needed]


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