Aberrant Owlbeast can be found in Azuremyst Isle [7.7, 81.7]

Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Skill Slot Drop%
Inv belt 02 [Beaded Cord]9ClothWaist0.2%
Inv mace 01 [Billy Club]9MaceMain Hand0.2%
Inv axe 01 [Lumberjack Axe]9AxeMain Hand0.2%
Inv potion 49 [Minor Healing Potion]51.6%
Inv misc bone 02 [Remains of Cowlen's Family]17.6%
Inv egg 01 [Small Egg]545.6%
Inv misc gem emerald 03 [Malachite]70.8%
Inv misc gem opal 03 [Tigerseye]150.2%

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