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This function allows you to change the dots that appear on the minimap. The default dots are stored in ObjectIcons.blp.

There are 5 dots:

  • Resource node (mine, herb), texcoords left=0 right=.25 top=0 bottom=.25
  • Tracking (humanoid, undead, etc), texcoords left=.25 right=.5 top=0 bottom=.25
  • Uncertain (green dot), texcoords left=.5 right=.75 top=0 bottom=.25
  • Quest complete, texcoords left=.75 right=1 top=0 bottom=.25
  • Party members/pet, texcoords left=0 right=.25 top=.25 bottom=.5

The behavior cannot be modified, only the texture the game uses when it decides which dot to draw.

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