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This appears to be used for handling TEMPORARY enchants to weapons - like POISONS. Also appears to be self-only.


hasMainHandEnchant, mainHandExpiration, mainHandCharges, mainHandEnchantID, hasOffHandEnchant, offHandExpiration, offHandCharges, offHandEnchantId = GetWeaponEnchantInfo();

hasMainHandEnchant = 1 (true) or nil
mainHandExpiration = time remaining as thousandths of seconds
mainHandCharges = charges remaining
mainHandEnchantID = the spell ID of the main hand enchantment (new in 6.0)
hasOffHandEnchant = 1 (true) or nil
offHandExpiration = time remaining as thousandths of seconds
offHandCharges = charges remaining
offHandEnchantID = the spell ID of the off hand enchantment (new in 6.0)

Reference the default interface BuffFrame.Lua for its usage.
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