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Gets details on a profession from its index including name, icon, and skill level.

name, icon, skillLevel, maxSkillLevel, numAbilities, spelloffset,
    skillLine, skillModifier, specializationIndex,
    specializationOffset = GetProfessionInfo(index)

Arguments Edit

Number - The skill index number (can be found with API GetProfessions()

Returns Edit

name, icon, skillLevel, maxSkillLevel, numAbilities, spelloffset, skillLine, skillModifier
String - The skill name (locale specific)
String - the location of the icon image
Number - the current skill level
Number - the current skill cap (75 for apprentice, 150 for journeyman etc.)
Number - The number of abilities/icons listed. These are the icons you put on your action bars.
Number - The offset id of the first Spell of this profession. (you can CastSpell(spelloffset + 1, "Spell") to use the first spell of this profession)
Number - reference to the profession. (See Details.)
Number - Additional modifiers to your profession levels. IE: Lures for Fishing.
Number - A value indicating which specialization is known (ie. Transmute specialist for Alchemist)
Number - haven't figured this one out yet

Details Edit

This also seems to return some kind of data on the talent trees and guild perks.

Skill Line may be useful in internationalization using the number to check the profession rather than the text (which changes with localization).

The skill lines known are: Archaeology (794), Alchemy (171), Blacksmith (164), Cooking (184), Enchanting (333), Engineer (202), First Aid (129), Fishing (356), Herbalism (182), Inscription (773), Jewelcrafting (755), Leatherworking (165), Mining (186), Skinning (393), and Tailoring (197).

Alchemy Specializations known are: Elixir (2), Potion (3), Transmute (4).

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