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Displays the frame stack of the mouse cursor's current position on the tooltip. This is not intended to be used in typical addons, but is part of the Blizzard_DebugTools "builtin addon" inspired by DevTools.

Arguments Edit

Boolean - If true, includes in the display those frames which are currently hidden.

Returns Edit


Example Edit

GameTooltip_SetDefaultAnchor(GameTooltip, UIParent)

Shows the GameTooltip with information about the frames over which the mouse is currently hovering.

Notes Edit

The /framestack [showHidden] slash command toggles a pre-declared GameTooltip and dispatches this function on it. When followed by 'true', hidden frames will also be shown. No value other than 'true' will cause hidden frames to be shown.

The frame listing on a tooltip after this function is called are arranged by strata and level. Within that list, the frames are colored:

  • Yellow/Orange : frame for which IsMouseEnabled is true
  • Blue/Teal : frame for which IsMouseEnabled is false
  • DarkGrey/LightGrey : frame that is hidden (when showhidden is true)

In each of those pairs, the colors alternate based on the frame level. For example, in a series of four frames all with the mouse enabled and within the same frame level the colors will alternate like this:

  • 4 Orange
  • 3 Yellow
  • 2 Orange
  • 1 Yellow
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