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GameTooltip:AddLine(text [, red, green, blue [, wrapText]]);

Appends a line of text to tooltip.

Arguments Edit

string - text which will appear in new tooltip line
number range 0 to 1 - red color value for text string
number range 0 to 1 - green color value for text string
number range 0 to 1 - blue color value for text string
boolean - 'true' to wrap text.

Returns Edit


Examples Edit

MyTooltip:SetOwner(TargetFrame, "ANCHOR_RIGHT")
MyTooltip:AddLine("New tooltip line", 1, 1, 1)

Details Edit

Note that this only appends the new line to the tooltip. It does not update the tooltip's height/width, so that the newly added line initially appears underneath (outside of) the tooltip.

A subsequent call to GameTooltip:Show() will update the tooltip's borders correctly.

Notes Edit

  • As of WoW 2.0, there is no longer a maximum number of lines.
  • As of 6.0 uses Lua boolean, rather than WoW Boolean (nil or 1) for wrap text setting.
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