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Shift-clicking an item in chat (any item link), auction house or bags when at the auction house appends the name of that item to the search field. Authored by KarlKFI (AnduinLothar). If you shift click something while the chat edit box is open it will still be linked in chat. AH_QuickSearch only works when the chat edit box is closed.

Similar addons

Coincidentally this is very similar to Auction Lookup except this addon also allows shift-clicking links and items you just found in the AH browser.


Availible on Curse Gaming and WoW Interface

Change log


  1. TOC updated to 20000
  2. Used hooksecurefunc whenever possible to avoid tainting


  1. TOC updated to 11200
  2. Added TradeSkillSkillIcon linking


  1. TOC updated to 10900
  2. Added EngInventory compatibility
  3. Added AllInOneInventory compatibility
  4. Fixed shift-click bug before AH is loaded


  1. Shift-click now clears text before pasting item name and automaticly searches for the item
  2. Shift-alt-click to simply append the item name to the search text and not auto-search


  1. TOC updated to 1800
  2. Now Compatible with WoW 1.8 and ondemand loading AuctionFrame


  1. Initial Release
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