Race templates are used to produce an inline graphic of a race and it's name with a link to it's detailed page, primarily for use in zone and instance race breakdowns.

Example: {{Human Race}} produces: แม่แบบ:Human Race

This is the base category for templates. All templates available in WoWWiki should be categorized in a sub-category here, to make them easier to find for people that might also need them!

Please try an appropriate category for templates, in preference to this category.

There are also subpages that get pulled into another page just like templates, but are not really useful to anyone else; perhaps they've just been split off to make it easier to edit. Subpages like that do not have to be categorized as templates at all.

ตรวจพบว่าแม่แบบมีการกลับมาเรียกตัวเอง: แม่แบบ:Templatecategory

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