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Файл:The Burning Crusade - экран при входе в игру.jpg|''The Burning Crusade'' Login screen
Файл:The Burning Crusade - экран при входе в игру.jpg|Экран ввода данных в дополнении ''The Burning Crusade''
Image:Burning Crusade Graphic.jpg|Outland and new race loading screen.
Файл:Burning Crusade Graphic.jpg|Изображение новых рас при загрузке Запределья.
Image:Map_Cosmic.jpg|''The Burning Crusade'' Cosmic Map
Файл:Map_Cosmic.jpg|Космическая карта в дополнении ''The Burning Crusade''
Image:Eastern_Kingdoms-BC-beta.jpg|Updated Eastern Kingdoms Map
Файл:Eastern_Kingdoms-BC-beta.jpg|Новая карта Восточных Королевств
Image:Kalimdor-BC-beta.jpg|Updated Kalimdor Map
Файл:Kalimdor-BC-beta.jpg|Новая карта Калимдора
File:IllidanBCart.jpg|Illidan Stormrage
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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Коробки стандартного и коллекционного изданий
РазработчикиBlizzard Entertainment
ИздателиVivendi Universal
Дата выходаСША/Европа - 16 января 2007
ВерсияСША - 2.4.3 (15 июля 2008)
Европа - 2.4.3 (16 июля 2008)
ПлатформыMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (aka TBC), первое дополнение для World of Warcraft, анонсированное 28-го октября 2005 года и выпущенное 16-го января 2007 года в Северной Америке, Европе и Австралии, 2-го февраля 2007 года в Корее, 3-го апреля 2007 года в Тайване и Гонконге, 6-го сентября 2007 года в материковом Китае.

Главные особенности дополнения:

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Release information

In preparation for The Burning Crusade, Blizzard released patch 2.0.1 in North America and Europe on December 5th, 2006. The patch introduced some of The Burning Crusade's content prior to the expansion itself — including a revamp of the honor system, skirmish Arena matches, and a new Looking For Group interface.

The expansion was released in standard as well as Collector's Edition packages. The Collector's Edition of The Burning Crusade includes a bonus Behind-The-Scenes DVD, an in-game Netherwhelp pet and many other exclusive extras. Installing the expansion does not break backwards compatibility — players are still able to log on to non-BC accounts using The Burning Crusade client.

System requirements for both editions remained virtually unchanged compared to the original World of Warcraft, with the notable exception of the increase in the required network bandwidth (from 56k dialup to a "broadband connection"). Blizzard has stated that the change was due to the size of the future patches, and that it will continue to offer tech support to players with dial-up, except for patching issues.


The quests in The Burning Crusade are generally set in continuity with original lore quests, meaning that timeline speaking, BC is basically the direct sequel to the original WoW. Some quests set in Outland, especially those that are related to Illidan, do speak of a five-year hiatus in the storyline, which suggests a one-year long interval between BC and the original. This is however unconfirmed, since there never was any real statement that TFT takes place one year after RoC. But generally agreed, there was a four year break between Warcraft III and WoW.

The expansion concretes around Outland, the former world of Draenor and the new continent in the game, and quests generally allow players to explore the world on their own. The main storyline points to Illidan the Betrayer and what happened to him during the last years. Players can also go on quests that suggest helping Illidan in his time-being or slaying him for a special reward.

Other than that, many links between the former world of Draenor and the current Outland are also made, such as the opening of the Dark Portal by Medivh, which is an instance quest located in Caverns of Time. Retelling of the old relationship between Orcish shamans and the Burning Legion is also told in quest-sequence storyline.

The Burning Crusade also centers on the two new playable races and their affiliation to the gameline. Many plotholes are filled with quests that set the blood elves in with the Horde and the draenei with the Alliance. Players still have to be part of the old world quests in order to obtain lore related to Outland.

Новые расы

The Burning Crusade добавляет в игру две новые доступные игроку расы:

Также дополнение позволяет поиграть эксклюзивным классом фракции на стороне другой фракции, то есть паладином эльфом крови и шаманом дренеем.[1]

New mounts

Each new race received its own new mount:

  • Blood elf — A hawkstrider (originally called a cockatrice). These mounts can be found outside the entrance to Silvermoon City. Blood elf paladin mounts, are the same as Alliance though they are red instead of the Alliance blue.
  • Draenei — An elekk. These mounts can be found outside The Exodar.

New mounts are also available via drop from high-end instances such as Karazhan.

Flying mounts

Основная статья: Flying Mount

Flying mounts are only usable in Outland at level 60. The Horde and Alliance have the wyvern and gryphon, respectively, as standard mounts. The epic mounts are the armored wyvern and armored gryphon.

In addition there are rare mounts such as the netherdrake and the swift Nether Drake.[2] An armored nether drake can be obtained by ranking in the top 0.5% at the end of an Arena season, and the unarmored netherdrake can be obtained through a series of quests. There are also Nether Rays.

Normal flying mount training costs 225Gold and the mount costs 50Gold . Training for flying mounts requires a skill of 150 (epic mount) and brings it up to 225. The epic version of the flying mount cost 5,000Gold for the training and 100Gold to buy. Training for epic flying mounts requires 225 riding skill and upgrades it to 300. Faction reputation discounts apply to the prices.

Druids receive Flight Form at level 68 that offers the ability to fly and has a speed equivalent to a normal flying mount.[3] Druids may obtain a quest at level 70 to obtain an epic flight form.[4] Purchasing riding skill 300 is a requirement for the quest.[5]

Character changes

New spells and talents

In the expansion, Blizzard added five to six new spells for the 60-70 level range to each class in order to round out the classes better. The talent trees were also greatly expanded and revised. All classes have additional talents leading up to a 41 talent point ability.[6] Players gain new spells at every level from 60-70 instead of every two levels.

Since the Paladin and Shaman classes are no longer unique to either faction, Blizzard added new abilities to each class to make them what they truly feel they should be: Paladins received a long-awaited spell, Righteous Defense (a long-range, mass taunt-like ability); and Shamans received the spell Bloodlust (a long-cooldown, powerful buff) to complement their DPS and utility roles.[7]

See each class's respective page for more specific information regarding new spells and talents.

Combat rating system

Основная статья: Combat rating system

With the release of The Burning Crusade, critical strike, defense, hit rate, spell critical, and dodge stats as well as a new stat, resilience, changed from being absolute percentages to ratings, with each player level requiring more rating points to achieve the same absolute percentage.[8]

Новые локации

Новые стартовые локации

Эльфы крови получили две стартовых локации, расположенные в северном регионе Восточных Королевств:

Аналогично, дренеи получили две стартовых локации, расположенные в северо-западном направлении вне материка Калимдор:

Новый континент

В дополнении появился новый континент Запределье, который представляет собой остатки планеты Дренор в который можно попасть через Темный Портал, расположенный в Выжженных землях. В столицах каждой фракции игроки могут отыскать рядом с тренерами магов порталы, ведущие в Выжженные земли.[9][10]

Запределье разделено на следующие локации:

Новые высокоуровневые подземелья

В дополнении были добавлены несколько подземелий, большинство из которых являются отдельными крыльями для быстрого прохождения. В подземельях игроки могут получить много новых предметов, а также предметы, которые можно обменять на части брони Тира 4 , Тира 5 и Тира 6.



Изменение системы рейдов и подземелий

Все будущие рейды станут иметь максимальный порог количества в них игроков 25 (прошлые рейды так и останутся с порогом в 40 человек). Это сделано для того, чтобы большее число игроков смогли принять участие в битвах с боссами в рейдах.

В дополнении игрокам, проходящим подземелья представится возможность сражаться с боссами в обычном и героическом режимах. Это позволяет игрокам участвовать в более сложных битвах с боссами и получать более достойную добычу. С финальных боссов в героическом режиме подземелья игрокам станут доступны предметы эпического качества. Порталы в героический режим подземелий будут отмечены фиолетовым цветом с черепом.[11]

Изменения в профессиях

Ювелирное дело и предметы с гнездами

Ювелирное дело позволяет создавать кольца, амулеты и аксессуары а также специальные самоцветы, которые можно вставлять в гнезда предметов.

Новые специализации и способности в профессиях

Для всех профессий был добавлен новый навык. Игроки, достигшие навыка 300 в своей профессии, могут изучить навык "Мастера" и поднять возможность изучения профессии до навыка 375. Этот порог могут преодолевать дренеи ювелиры, гномы инженеры, таурены травники и эльфы крови чантеры (у них навык возможно поднять до 390).

New PvP features

Eye of the Storm

A new battleground called Eye of the Storm is based in Outland. The battleground features a mix of holding territory and capture the flag styles of gameplay. Each team has 15 members ranging from levels 61-69, 70-79 and 80 in it's own bracket.

Team PvP Arena

Основная статья: Arena PvP System

Following the introduction of Arena PvP, level 70 players are able to win prizes in these matches. The rewards for the arena is on par with even the most powerful PvE rewards. There are currently three Arenas: The Ring of Trials in Nagrand, the Circle of Blood in Blade's Edge Mountains, and the Ruins of Lordaeron, above Undercity.


Contrary to the popular belief that Blizzard brought back none of the original voice actors, actually almost half of them were brought back.

In Battle for Mount Hyjal the voice actors of Thrall and Tyrande were the original voice actors; Azgalor and Rage Winterchill didn't have speech in Warcraft III, so it can be told that their voice actors weren't changed; Archimonde voice actor was the same although he sounds different, it's probable that Blizzard used different modulations for the voice. Anetheron voice actor was changed but probably because of his minor role in Warcraft III (with just three quotes[12]) Blizzard wasn't able to find him.

Illidan's original voice actor, Matthew Yang King, was changed due to guild union reasons. But his lieutenants Kael'thas and Lady Vashj were kept with the original voice actors. Akama's voice actor was changed probably for his minor role in Warcraft III (with just the gag quotes and two cinematic speechs[13][14]). And Maiev's original voice actor was brought back.

Kil'jaeden's and Magtheridon's voice actors weren't brought back, probably for their minor roles in Warcraft III (with Magtheridon just having two quotes[14] and Kil'jaeden appearing only in two interludes[15][16]).

The Alliance Expedition heros's voice actors weren't changed either, they were given the default human/dwarven voices, however Khadgar's voice actor was indeed changed in News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal! official video. The Horde of Draenor hero's voice actors were changed, Kargath's voice actor used to be Bill Roper but he left Blizzard years before the release of The Burning Crusade, while Teron's voice actor was changed for unknown reasons.

Rexxar's and Nazgrel's voices are also the default voice of the orcs (ironically the default voice of the orcs and Rexxar's voice actor in Warcraft III are both made by Chris Metzen). Zul'jin's voice actor wasn't really changed because in Warcraft II he used the default troll voice and in The Burning Crusade he was given a unique voice.

Medivh's voice actor was changed from Michael Bell to Cam Clarke for unknown reasons. Sylvanas's original voice actress didn't sing Lament of the Highborne but probably because Piera Coppola isn't a singer.

Персонаж Original voice actor Burning Crusade voice actor Изменился?
Akama Неизвестно Неизвестно Да
Anetheron Неизвестно Неизвестно Да
Archimonde David Lodge David Lodge Нет
Azgalor Отсутствует Неизвестно Given voice acting
Danath Bill Roper Default Неизвестно
Illidan Matthew Yang King Liam O'Brien/Jeff Bennett Да
Jaina Неизвестно Неизвестно Нет
Kael'thas Quinton Flynn Quinton Flynn Нет
Kargath Bill Roper Неизвестно Да
Khadgar Неизвестно Cam Clarke Да
Kil'jaeden Неизвестно Неизвестно Да
Kurdran Неизвестно Default Неизвестно
Magtheridon Неизвестно Earl Boen Да
Maiev Debi Mae West Debi Mae West Нет
Medivh Michael Bell Cam Clarke Да
Nazgrel Неизвестно Default Неизвестно
Rage Winterchill Отсутствует Patrick Seitz Given voice acting
Rexxar Chris Metzen Default-Chris Metzen Технически нет
Sylvanas Piera Coppola Vangie Gunn Да
Teron Неизвестно David Lodge Да
Thrall Chris Metzen Chris Metzen Нет
Tyrande Неизвестно Неизвестно Нет
Vashj Barbara Goodson Barbara Goodson Нет
Zul'jin Default Неизвестно Given unique voice



The Burning Crusade has thus far received four major content patches. The patch release schedule is radically different from the original World of Warcraft - content is introduced in large chunks, and balancing fixes are often added as separate minor patches between the content patches.


Официальный трейлер

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