Creates a map note for use with the {{Digsite Map}} template.


{{Digsite Note|<X-coordinate>|<Y-coordinate>|<Number>|<Hover text>}}

X-coordinate, Y-coordinate 
The coordinates of the map note. Any number of decimal places can be used: 52, 52.3, 52.2995843, etc. These coordinates conform to the in-game coordinates, with X=0.0 at the left, X=100.0 at the right, Y=0.0 at the top and Y=100.0 at the bottom.
The number icon to use, from 1 to 9.
Hover text 
The text to display when hovering with the mouse pointer over the note icon.


{{Digsite Map|zone=Felwood|digsites=
{{Digsite Note|49|32|1|Ironwood Digsite}}
{{Digsite Note|37|58|Site|Jaedenar Digsite}}
{{Digsite Note|38|67|3|Constellas Digsite}}
{{Digsite Note|56|84|4|Morlos'Aran Digsite}}

Felwood digsites

Iconsmall poi112
Iconsmall poi177
Iconsmall poi114
Iconsmall poi115



  • Iconsmall poi112 One
  • Iconsmall poi113 Two
  • Iconsmall poi114 Three
  • Iconsmall poi115 Four
  • Iconsmall poi116 Five
  • Iconsmall poi117 Six
  • Iconsmall poi118 Seven
  • Iconsmall poi119 Eight
  • Iconsmall poi120 Nine
  • Iconsmall poi177 Digsite
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