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"Дружелюбная" не входит в список допустимых значений (Альянс, Орда, Нейтральная, Бой) для этого свойства.
Tyrygosa the Blue
Пол Женский
Раса Синий дракон
Реакция Альянс Орда
Фракция Род Синих драконов, Драконий союз
Зона Душа Дракона; Celestial Ridge, Пустоверть [71.2, 35.1]
Статус Жива
Родня Калесгос (предрешенный помощник)

Тиригоса одна из немногих оставшихся в живых членов стай синих драконов и бывшей супругой Калесгоса. Принимая облик смертных, она отказалась принимать облик человека или полукровки находя эльфов более эстетичным, и, похоже предпочитает не вмешиваться в дела смертных. Ее смертное имя - Тири, возможно прозвище данное ей Кейлеком или имя которое она пользуется когда маскируется.


Местоположение Уровень Здоровье
Пустоверть 70 6,986
Душа Дракона 87 2,074,850

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Kalecgos was sent by Malygos to Lordaeron on a mission for the blue flight. Worried about her future mate, Tyrygosa followed, arriving just in time to rescue Kalecgos from the undead Scourge. They were joined by the human paladin Jorad Mace and a strange young woman by the name of Anveena Teague. The four journeyed together for a while, their exploits eventually leading them to the land of Quel'thalas where after being assaulted by the traitor Dar'Khan Drathir and an enslaved Korialstrasz they discovered Anveena was the new avatar of the Sunwell. With the assistance of Sylvanas Windrunner Dar'khan was defeated and Anveena was left in the care of Lor'themar Theron and Halduron Brightwing. Kalecgos, having sworn to look after her, remained in Quel'thalas as Anveena's guardian. Tyrygosa departed, along with Jorad Mace, after wishing her betrothed farewell.

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Sometime after the reopening of the Dark Portal, Tyrygosa traveled to Outland to investigate a familiar yet powerful source of magic. She eventually reunited with Jorad Mace, and through their adventures they encountered a mysterious new flight of dragons that emanated the mysterious magical aura that she's been sensing.

Tyrygosa was eventually brought to a Netherwing dragon lair by Valoku and after inspecting the eggs that the Nether dragons originated from, she pieced together that the Netherwing dragons are actually descendants of Deathwing himself. Tyrygosa recruited Valoku and Zzeraku in helping her rescue their enthralled brethren and during the battle for the Dark Portal, Tyrygosa used her magic to usurp control of the Nether Dragons under Ragnok's enthrallment.

Following the defeat of Ragnok Bloodreaver's army, Tyrygosa attempts to free the enthralled dragons Ragnok enthralled but Kadavan informs her that those enthralled under his devices gradually weaken until they eventually burn out. Nothing can save them unless an extremely powerful source of arcane power can revitalize the dragons enough to free themselves. Tyrygosa, Kadavan, and Zzeraku open a dimensional rift to Azeroth and bring a group of enthralled Netherwing dragons to the Nexus where they absorb its magical energies. Yet Zzeraku and the Nether dragons grow mad with power, and frustrated with everyone they've ever encountered trying to use them, decide to be masters of their own destinies and conquer Azeroth for themselves. Tyrygosa tries to reason with Zzeraku, telling him that by following Deathwing's path, Azeroth will rise against them and lead to their destruction. Though conflicted with Tyrygosa's sincere concern for his kind, Zzeraku believes that only by gaining power can he safeguard his people. The Netherwing dragons attack the Blue Dragonflight, and in the midst of the chaos, Malygos awakens from his slumber. In his insanity, Malygos misinterprets the Nether dragons arrogant proclamations of being the embodiment of the Nexus and absorbs them and their power.

The dragon's Nether-warped physiology began to affect the Spell-Weaver himself, ultimately helping him regain some of his lost sanity.[1] With his sanity restored to him, Tyrygosa's patron declared war on mortal spellcasters, sending his flight out to do his bidding. Only Zzeraku managed to escape.

Being unable to guide the Nether dragons to a better end weighed heavily on Tyrygosa. She later returns to Outland where she decides to look after a new generation of Netherwing eggs.

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Tyrygosa, in the disguise of Tyri, can be seen in The Burning Crusade at Celestial Ridge in the Netherstorm, along with Jorad Mace. She is involved in the investigation of nether dragons in the area. After asking adventurers to assist her by defeating the dominant Netherdragon in the area, Veraku, she takes control of the brood, planning to keep them safe and in check.

She starts the following quests:

See List of Netherstorm NPCs.


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Tyrygosa in Wyrmrest Temple.

During the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple the heroes of Azeroth and Thrall with the Dragon Soul are nearby Wyrmrest Temple and raiders begin by attempting to relieve the beleaguered Aspects under siege by the Twilight's Hammer, the Twilight dragonflight and the Black dragonflight. An Image of Tyrygosa warns them that they have to hurry as Wyrmrest falls as they speak. Along with an army of mortal races and dragons led by Lord Afrasastrasz the heroes battle their way through and stop an earth elemental at the base of Wyrmrest Temple. Combat 15 Morchok is pounding at the foundations of the spire trying to level it.

Once inside Wyrmrest Tyrygosa explains that Deathwing has summoned extremely powerful Faceless ones to assault the Temple as well, and Maws of the Old Gods are erupting from the nearby earth. Tyrygosa orders that they need to be killed.


  • Kalecgos mentioned that Tyrygosa never understood how he could be friends with lesser races, though this seems to be contradicted by her friendship to Jorad Mace.[2]
  • Their relationship ended when Kalegos fell in love with Anveena and chose her instead of Tyrygosa.[3]


  • I've never seen anything like these nether dragons. they seem to have inherited their sire's temperament, but they have become something entirely different.
Inside Dragon Soul
  • Thank you sisters. I am renewed.
  • The Old Gods have shown themselves. A tide of darkness sweeps from their gaping maws towards the Temple. We MUST buy the Aspects more time.
  • The Faceless Generals Zonozz and Yorshaj command the enemy legions from within the monstrosities you see on the horizon.
  • You must strike them down if we are to survive long enough to end this. Take flight on the wings of my Sisters. They will transport you as close as they dare...
1/2 Faceless Generals downed
A single general remains. You must make haste.
Both downed
  • The flow of darkness abates. It seems you truly are the Heroes of Legend.
  • The Aspects have already gathered and await your arrival. Go now.

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