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Изображение для Нобундо
Титул <Круг Земли>
Пол Мужской
Раса Сломленный (Гуманоид)
Шаман, Far seer, Ex-paladin
Реакция Альянс Орда
Фракция Alliance
The Earthen Ring
Draenei far seer, Emissary of the elemental spirits, high shaman of the Earthen Ring, formerly a vindicator
Зона The Crystal Hall, Exodar;
Статус Жив
Наставник(и) The Elemental spirits
"Все, что существует - живет"

Предсказатель Нобундо был бывшим воздаятелем; это один из наиболее трагических героев среди "Сломленных" в Запределье. Долгое время, проведя в изгнании, и избегая своего народа, Нобундо пошел по пути шамана, блуждая в дебрях Запределья. Вскоре, благодаря благословению Велена, он все же смог донести свои знания своему народу. Он сопровождал своих людей в Азерот на борту Экзодара, и затем стал учителем для начинающих шаманов, которые выбрали этот путь.

После Раскола Нобундо своими силами помог Служителям Земли, чтобы успокоить разбушевавшиеся стихии в Азероте.


Местоположение Уровень Здоровье
Экзодар 70 6,986
Гора Хиджал ?? 17,178,400
Святилище Семи Звезд ?? 78,788,200


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Предсказатель Нобундо

Нобундо в Экзодаре.

When the orcs betrayed the draenei, slowly but surely, the draenei cities such as Karabor and Farahlon were destroyed by the orcs, and Shattrath was the last one left. As the Draenei prophet, Velen, and many other draenei fled, volunteer Vindicators and even civilians (some with families) of Shattrath stayed behind to fight the orcs and buy the fleeing draenei some time. Their hope was that with a believable variety of people, the orcs would be tricked into thinking that they had wiped out all of the city's inhabitants. Nobundo was one of the brave paladins who stayed behind.

During the battle, there was an odd explosion and red mist filled the air. From his defensive position on the wall, Nobundo could see this mist sickening the draenei, stinging their eyes, burning their lungs, causing retching, horrible migraines and bloody vomiting. The mist rose up to Nobundo's position and afflicted him as well. It was then that he was confronted by an orc, whose description could only have been Grom Hellscream holding Gorehowl. He leaned back as Grom charged, Gorehowl slashing his chest through his armor instead of cleaving him in two and numbing his left side, while his hammer crushed the fingers of Grom's right hand; Grom only smiled. Unable to use Gorehowl, Grom grabbed hold of Nobundo with his left and when Nobundo tried to call on his powers of the Holy Light, he found that he could no longer use them. Unable to hold back any longer, he vomited thick blood onto Grom. Grom bellowed, headbutted him in the face and let him fall from the wall, an ogre below breaking his fall. The wall then collapsed, and he was covered with debris.

Hours passed, and he was awoken by the screams of draenei women. As he dragged himself out of the rubble, he was horrified to see the Lower City as a dumping ground for the slaughtered draenei... including women and children. From the upper ledges such as Aldor Rise, they were being systematically tortured and murdered by the celebrating orcs, who then tossed the corpses down. Although he desperately wanted to help those captives, he was forced to admit that deep inside, he knew that the battle was over: Besides the fact that he was greatly outnumbered, his left leg was broken in the fall and he now had no Light powers to heal it with. He also could feel something inside him urging him to escape, to survive for a greater purpose, a greater destiny and someday make a difference once again. He managed to crawl out of Shattrath into Terokkar Forest, only to pass out and be awakened in Zangarmarsh.

He was supposedly found by the draenei who fled, as were other draenei who survived the battle, Akama (who was in a coma), Korin, Herac, and Estes. The other four who could walk were eventually banished, due to the red mist which in the end deformed them. The "unaffected" draenei called them "Krokul" — "Broken", and for that they could never be in contact with one of the draenei again. In one final act of adding insult to injury, Nobundo's Light-blessed crystalline hammer was confiscated by a former friend named Rolc, the last remaining piece of his past, and of who he once was.

Years passed, with some Broken devolving further into the madness of the Lost Ones, or even committing suicide when this change was apparent. As for Nobundo, at night his sleep was always haunted by dreams of the slaughter at Shattrath City, the corpses of the dead women accusing him of cowardice and of abandoning them, and every day he would walk to the peak of a mountain and sit, praying, hoping, to somehow regain his mastery over the Light and that his nightmares would finally end.

Countless times he did this, but would always go back to the Broken camps disappointed. Though one day, when his prayer was finally answered, no heavenly voice told him what to do, nor did a naaru descend from on high to aid him. No, Nobundo's prayers were answered by the Wind.

As with generations of tauren, orcs, trolls, and countless other races, the wind revealed to Nobundo the delicate balance of nature, the powers and truth of the Five Elements and the path of the shaman. Guided to the mountains peaks of Nagrand (perhaps it was the Elemental Plateau), he began his training, taught by the elements themselves. He listened eagerly, and over the years, came to understand and follow this path.

Invigorated by this new power, Nobundo set out to inform the draenei of his discovery, only to find that most draenei wouldn't listen to a broken. However, one draenei did listen to him: Velen.

The leader of the draenei realized that the way of the shaman, as well as the Light, was a path worth treading, and Nobundo became one of his inner circle. Velen also helped Nobundo to confirm to himself that his leaving Shattrath was not an act of cowardice, but was so that his survival would ensure that he would be able to embrace a destiny greater than he could of ever imagined. Despite everything that had happened to him, he had not given up, not even once, which is why the elements had contacted him, and why Velen himself had chosen him. His understanding of this made the elements proud, and from then on, Noboundo would no longer have the nightmares.

With Velen's support and encouragement, Noubundo met up with him at Telredor in Zangarmarsh and introduced the shaman's path to the draenei, teaching all who were willing to listen. The shaman would eventually accompany Velen in the raid to retake the Exodar, and survived the crash on Azeroth. He remains there today, ready to share his knowledge with aspiring shamans in the service of the draenei — and now the Alliance.[1]

The Burning Crusade

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Farseer Nobundo is a level 70 shaman trainer located in the Crystal Hall in the draenei capital city of the Exodar, where he told his story.

He is also part of the Alliance version of Children's Week, where the Draenei Orphan Dornaa shows Nobundo her shamanistic powers. He asked the orphan matron to allow Dornaa to study with him at the Exodar.


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Muln Earthfury asked Krelna to send a runner to inform Nobundo and the other draenei shaman about Shotoa.

Раскол: Прелюдия к Катаклизму

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Velen sent Nobundo to represent the draenei at Magni Bronzebeard's memorial and honor Magni's goal of trying to heal the earth and understand the elements. It is for the first time when Anduin sees him.[2]


Nobundo at the Maelstrom.

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In addition to his role as the Draenei race's primary shaman trainer, Nobundo assists Thrall in maintaining the rift at the Maelstrom.[3] During the battle with Deathwing in the nightmare caused by Iso'rath, Nobundo uses the element of water to fight off Deathwing until he is ultimately killed.

He and many others see that Thrall is not able to help them, so he tried to help him, but he is interrupted by vivid Rehgar Earthfury. And when Thrall returned from trip, Nobundo welcomed him.[4]

Nobundo later travels to Mount Hyjal, and is present to witness Thrall and Aggra become life-mates.

Later, when Aspects were planing battle against Deathwing, Thrall in earthen form was being tortured by Deathwing. Disocvering this Nobundo, Muln, and Aggra tried to rescue him.[5]

Приливы Войны

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When an orc courier for Thrall sent by Eitrigg arrived at the Maelstrom the members of the Earthen Ring learned Northwatch Hold and Theramore have fallen to the Horde. Nobundo also learned that in the battle against Northwatch Molten Giants were enslaved and used in the attack and that a mana bomb was used to destroy Theramore both done on Warchief Hellscream's orders. Nobundo then informed Thrall that the Earthen Ring would understand if he were to leave and that they would continue to heal the land. When Thrall told him that nothing was greater than healing the world, Nobundo understand how much the admission costs the former Warchief.

Later on Thrall informed Nobundo, and other members of the Earthen Ring, that he had received a vision of water elementals being enslaved and used to destroy Orgrimmar. Upon learning that the culprit would be at Fray Island Muln Earthfury suggested that everyone help out. However Nobundo disagreed reasoning that since only Thrall revised the vision, only Thrall should go.


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Nobundo represented the draenei in the Alliance in the Shrine of Seven Stars summit, where the Alliance dignitaries and allies discuss the pros and cons of using Sha power. He agreed with Tyrande Whisperwind's proposal in destroying the Sha.[6]


Currently, Farseer Nobundo leads the draenei shaman brotherhood, and also giving minor supervision to draenei hunters.


  • Nobundo, in many ways, plays the exact same role as Lady Liadrin. Both became the first of their class, not only in their race but also in their faction, and both are the leaders of their class in their respective races; Lady Liadrin leads blood elf paladins, and Nobundo leads draenei shamans. Both have also played their part in Children's Week (though Liadrin no longer appears in person, Salandria does mention her in the farewell letter to players). Similarly, Alliance Shaman Tier 9 sets are named after Nobundo, like Horde Paladin Tier 9 sets are named after Liadrin. Furthermore, both have lent their aid to important factions with ties to their classes: the Light-revering Shattered Sun Offensive and the shaman-based Earthen Ring. Nobundo was the main character of the short story which introduced his order of draenei shaman, (Unbroken), while Liadrin is slated to be a major character in Blood of the Highborne, focusing on the creation of her own paladin order. Both were authored by Micky Neilson.
  • During Nobundo's training as a shaman, he unknowningly inspired Akama to become a shaman, but the last time he saw Nobundo, Nobundo gave him something even more important: hope for the future.

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