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  • You can also navigate the development pages via categories.
  • Before editing API pages, please read the relevant guidelines.
  • We do most of our talking on the World of Warcraft API Обсуждение page. Swing by!

Interface documentation

Документация по API WoW

  • World of Warcraft Widget API
    • XML declarations · Script handlers · Summaries
  • Secure Execution and Tainting
    • SecureTemplates · SecureHandlers
  • Macro commands
  • UI Technical Details
    • TOC format · Console variables
    • AddOn loading process · more...

UI Tutorials and HOWTOs

  • An introduction to addons, scripts and macros
  • Getting started with writing addons
  • HOWTOs
    • Handling events
    • Saving variables between game sessions
    • Creating a slash command
    • Localizing an addon
    • Using the Interface Options Addons panel
    • Using UIDropDownMenu
    • XML basics
    • more...

Resources and Tools

Developer talk

  • In-game developer guilds

Things you can help out with

  • Fill out all those red links in World of Warcraft API!   (though pick in order of likelihood of being useful). Looking at the FrameXML code to find out how the functions are being used is good way to begin. Please do not create stubs if you are not adding new and useful facts - we prefer red links over stubs with no additional information.
  • Copy bolded items in the Global functions list to World of Warcraft API et al.
  • Scan Category:API stubs for unfinished pages!
  • Take a look in Category:Votes for deleting and look for API pages.
  • Help convert old pages to the Help:API Function articles style!
  • Add "Triggers Events" sections to old pages that do not have them (and should have them).

RSS feed World of Warcraft interface RSS feeds

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