Alliance 32
Аратор Ветрокрылый
Arator 3.1
Пол Мужской
Раса Полуэльф
Уровень 61 Элитный
Здоровье 12,576
Фракция Оплот Чести
Зона Оплот Чести, Полуостров Адского Пламени[54, 64]
Статус Жив
Родня Аллерия Ветрокрылая (мать)
Туралион (отец)
Сильвана Ветрокрылая, Вериса Ветрокрылая (тети)
Ронин (дядя)
Гирамар, Галдарин (кузены)
Зендарин Ветрокрылый (Двоюродный дядя)

Аратор Искупитель (или Аратор Ветрокрылый)[1] - полуэльф, сын эльфийки-охотницы, капитана следопытов высших эльфов и командира экспидиции Альянса на Дреноре Аллерии Ветрокрылой и паладина-человека генерала Туралиона. Его можно найти в Оплоте Чести на Полуострове Адского Пламени.

Аратор был ещё ребёнком, когда Туралион и Аллерия присоединились к походу архимага Кадгара за Тёмный портал во время Экспедиции Альянса на Дренор. По видимому он был известен участникам Экспидиции, включая Даната Троллебоя, который звал его "Маленьким Аратором". Считалось, что Туралион и Аллерия, вместе с остальной частью Экспедиции умерли, когда Кадгар закрыл Тёмный Портал. Двадцать лет спустя, Лорд Каззак снова открыл Тёмный Портал и перешёл в Дренор, теперь известный, как Запределье. Arator, who has grown up to become a paladin in his father's footsteps, accompanied the Alliance reinforcements from Stormwind and Nethergarde to Honor Hold, where he remains as he searches for his missing parents.

Аратор - один из немногих известных персонажей-полуэльфов и единственный известный внутриигровой полуэльф (как Калек - дракон). Ирония в том, что он является сыном героя Альянса Аллерии Ветрокрылой и племянником Вождя Орды Сильваны Ветрокрылой, (при том, что Сильвана какое-то время была союзником Альянса).

Ранее, как и его мать Аллерия и многие другие полуэльфы, имел зелёные глаза. С патчем 3.1 его глаза стали голубыми, как у обычных высших эльфов.


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Father Malgor Devidicus says: Shay, what'sh your deal anywaysh? Are you shome kind of elf or shomethin? You look shorta familiar.
Arator the Redeemer says: I am Arator, son of Turalyon and Alleria. So yes, Father, I am "shome" kind of elf: half-elf to be precise.
Father Malgor Devidicus's face turns white. Sobriety seems to have set in rather quickly.
Father Malgor Devidicus says: By the Light! So this is why you look familiar. Is this fate? Destiny, perhaps? Arator, your father and I were the best of friends. It is I who kept him in good health... Oh the battles we fought... And...
Father Malgor Devidicus clears his throat.
Father Malgor Devidicus says: And... the battle we lost. I...I'm sorry, Arator. It was my fault...
Father Malgor Devidicus begins to sob.
Father Malgor Devidicus says: Quickly, Sid. Fill my tankard. Make the memories fade...
Sid Limbardi says: Oh brother... Listen, he's gonna be here crying like a baby for another five hours. If you're really the son of Turalyon, go speak with Trollbane. He's in the keep - top floor.
Arator the Redeemer says: Thank you Sid. Keep an eye on him; he is my only link to my mother and father, and I'd like to see him sober.

Аратор и ДанатПравить

Force Commander Danath Trollbane says: As I live and breathe! "Little" Arator? Is that you?
Arator the Redeemer says: Aye, Commander; but I am little no more. I have come to find my father. Have you any news to his whereabouts? I know he still lives. I have seen it in my dreams.
Force Commander Danath Trollbane looks at Arator grimly.
Force Commander Danath Trollbane says: I am afraid that I do not, Arator. I have not seen or heard from your father in 15 years. We had long since presumed him dead. But know this: I did all that was in my power to find him. From the bounds of Hellfire to the ravages of Nagrand, we searched... All for naught. If I could give my own life to bring Turalyon back, I would do so a thousand times over. I... I am sorry.
Arator the Redeemer says: As long as he remains unfound, I will search. I know that he lives. And I know that I must find him. I am thankful for what you have done, Commander. As my father called upon you, a brother in arms, know that you may call upon me. I am at your service, my Lord.
Arator the Redeemer says: Farewell, Commander. I will be staying at the inn, should you require my services.


When spoken to:

  • I was only an infant when my father was deployed to this wasteland. All that I have ever known of him is what others have told me. Do your dreams change, <name>? Mine do not. I have one dream: A crimson skyline envelops me as Legion, numbering beyond comprehension, battle in the distance. I kneel before the body of a man, presumably my father, and weep. As he is gasping for air, his body wholly crushed, he whispers something. Despite every effort, I am unable to hear what he is trying to tell me.

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Arator the redeemer

Arator before patch 3.1.

  • Arator's model until patch 3.1 was that of an in-game blood elf, however according to lore, a half-elf does not look like a full elf, showing a mixture of human and elven heritage (see half-elf article for an official example). The use of the blood elf model in-game was a shortcut by Blizzard so that they did not have to create a new model for the sole purpose of designing Arator. Kalec is another character in-game in the form of a "half-elf", however he has a human model (although it has special blue hair). This is consistent with portrayals of half-elves in other fantasy games who are often modeled as either humans or elves, as opposed to having a separate model. Like other male high elven models in the game, Arator's on-click quotes are from one of the Night Elf male voice sets.
  • His name is possibly a reference to Aratar, "The Exalted", in the J. R. R. Tolkien mythos. It was the name given to the eight greatest of the Valar.

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