A História do Warcraft, também conhecido como o Universo Warcraft, is a comprehensive account of lore created by Blizzard as background information to the World of Warcraft universe, and is made up of the entirety of Blizzard's published record so far.[1] The full text is available on the official World of Warcraft site. Additionally, most (perhaps all?) of this material can be read within the game itself as in-game books.

Want to know more about the lore of World of Warcraft? Although the game doesn't require any prior knowledge of Warcraft lore to enjoy, you may appreciate the broader understanding of the setting and characters in the game that you will gain from learning about the lore. Here are some resources that are available:

História do WarcraftEditar

Nota: Certas partes da seção de história estão desatualizados e podem, portanto, em conflito com outras partes da lenda ou história. Planeja-se manter aos poucos a atualização desta seção para trazê-la à atualidade.[1]

Linha do TempoEditar

Capítulo I: MitosEditar

Chapter II: The New WorldEditar

Chapter III: The Doom of DraenorEditar

Chapter IV: Alliance And Horde Editar

Chapter V: Return of the Burning LegionEditar

Official Web SiteEditar

Samples of online official World of Warcraft lore for one's reading enjoyment.


Since the release of the first Warcraft game, the lore of the Warcraft universe has been evolving and expanding at an incredible rate. Today, Warcraft lore is spread across four games and three expansions as well as a number of novels, a pen-and-paper roleplaying game, and even a manga series. Now you can find all there is to know about Warcraft in one official source of all things Warcraft: The Warcraft Encyclopedia. In time we hope it will grow to be the ultimate resource for all your Warcraft story and lore needs.
Lack of recent update activity (as of early 2008) seems to indicate that Blizzard has either put this project on hold or temporarily removed resources committed to expanding it.

World of WarcraftEditar


The Burning CrusadeEditar


Wrath of the Lich KingEditar


Previous Warcraft gamesEditar

The single-player Warcraft III campaigns and the accompanying game manuals provide a wealth of information about events in the world of Azeroth.





Predefinição:RPG-section Warcraft Role-Playing Games provide a wealth of information about Warcraft lore.


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