• Hey. I noticed your edits on this wiki. It seems you added all (at the time) images to the Images category. It's generally best practise to ask the community before doing such work, especially if you're dealing with a foreign language wiki – so you know what to name the category for example. Category you created has an English name on a Polish wiki. I hope you can see the issue. I wouldn't be surprised if some wiki admins would consider such act as a vandalism. Admins of English WoWWiki probably would, if you started adding categories in French.

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    • Hi,

      Do you want me to revert all? I could. 

      If you want me to remove them, I can. Do you want me to change them all to the polish word for "Image", if so, what is the word? Thanks.

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    • Reverting the changes isn't an issue really, neither are any further changes, since there are two bots doing various tasks at the moment. I just wanted to let you know, that there's more to consider when working with non-English wikis.

      I mean there's also the whole concept of categorizing all images in such a way. Personally I keep a category tree for files and a list of uncated files is actually a useful tool. Adding a non-descriptive category just to keep it empty is a hindrance when you want to have the files categorized nicely. Though I'm not an admin here, just helping out, so it's not up to me how the structure should look like. But with the amount of cleanup needed, I doubt it's high on the priority list.

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    • Użytkownik Fandomu
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