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Twilights Hammer crest
Młot Zmierzchu
Przywódca Nieznany,
IconSmall Cho'gall Cho'gall
IconSmall Cultist Male Twilight Father
Pozostali przywódcy IconSmall AscendantWater Twilight Lord Bathiel

IconSmall DarkIron MaleAmbassador Slaghammer
IconSmall Cultist MaleIconSmall Cultist FemaleRada Zmierzchu

IconSmall Cultist Male Vyral the Vile
IconSmall CultistOrc Female Jedoga Shadowseeker
IconSmall CultistOrc Male Twilight Lord Kelris
IconSmall AscendantAirIconSmall AscendantWaterIconSmall AscendantFireIconSmall AscendantEarth Ascendant Council
IconSmall WindSerpentIconSmall MountainGiantIconSmall FlamewakerIconSmall HydraRada Otchłani

Członkowie Mo'grosh, Rada Zmierzchu, Czarnoryci, Klan Krwawego Oka, Elita Zmierzchu, Rada Ascendentów, Rada Otchłani, Piaskogniewny (dawniej)
Rasy Alliance 15Horde 15 Rasy dawnych członków Przymierza i Hordy.

IconSmall AirIconSmall EarthIconSmall FireIconSmall Water Żywiołaki
IconSmall AscendantAirIconSmall AscendantWaterIconSmall AscendantFireIconSmall AscendantEarth Ascendenty żywiołów
IconSmall Ogre MaleIconSmall Ogre Male2IconSmall Ogre Female Ogry
IconSmall Ogre MageIconSmall Ogre Mage2 Ogrzy magowie
IconSmall Gronn Gronnowie
IconSmall Furbolg Furbolgowie
IconSmall Ettin Ettin
IconSmall DarkIron MaleIconSmall DarkIron Female Czarnoryci
IconSmall SandTroll MaleIconSmall SandTroll Female Piaskowe trolle
IconSmall Vrykul MaleIconSmall Vrykul Female Vrykule
IconSmall Naga MaleIconSmall Naga Female Nagi

Klasy Różne
Stolica Bastion Zmierzchu, Grim Batol
Główne miasta Ahn'Qiraj, Czarna Skała, Wąwóz Mrocznego Szeptu, Skalny Rdzeń
Baza działań Azeroth, Plany Żywiołów, Outland
Główny język Wspólny, Orkijski, Beztwarzowy
Pozostałe języki Wiele języków narodowych jego członków
Przynależność Siły Starych Bóstw, Pierwotna Horda (dawniej)
Status Zdezorganizowana; pozostałości można znaleźć w całym Azeroth

Jeśli szukasz buławy zawartej w grze, zobacz Twilight's Hammer (mace).
Jeśli szukasz wiedzy i buławach oraz naprawionym urządzeniu w grze, zobacz The Hammer of Twilight.
Młot Zmierzchu (a.k.a. Klan Młota Zmierzchu, Klan Młota, Kult Młota Zmierzchu, albo Kult Zmierzchu)[3] odnosi się do pojedynczej organizacji. Poprzednio klan podczas Drugiej Wojny, obecnie organizacja Młota Zmierzchu różni się nieco od swojej pierwotnej formy. Jednak bez względu na to, jaką formę przybrał Młot Zmierzchu, jego ostatecznym celem zawsze było doprowadzenie Armageddonu w różnych światach, w których zamieszkuje, i użyje różnych środków, aby osiągnąć ten cel.


The history of the Twilight's Hammer begins with Cho'gall, the first ogre mage. Cho'gall was made the leader of an orc clan after its previous chieftain was executed for disobeying the Shadow Council. The clan's name was then changed to Twilight's Hammer; its original name and that of its former chieftain was stricken from all records. Under Cho'gall's leadership, the clan became increasingly nihilistic and eventually sought the destruction of all creation.[citation needed] This was true of their clan even before the orcs joined the pact with Mannoroth.[4]

Druga WojnaEdytuj

Obsessed with the notion that the Horde was the harbinger of apocalyptic doom to all the lands that it ravages, the Twilight's Hammer felt a sacrosanct gratification in the destruction of all that it encountered. Led by the cunning Ogre Mage Cho'gall, the Twilight's Hammer had strong ties to Gul'dan and the Stormreaver clan. Its loyalty to the Horde was not as strong as its belief in its sacred mission of oblivion.[5]

After coming to Azeroth the Twilight's Hammer clan, alongside with the Bleeding Hollow clan under the leadership of Kilrogg Deadeye, led the orcish forces in the first attack on Stormwind Keep. The battle went horribly, as the Horde had not expected such resilient persistence against them. The two clan leaders blamed each other. It is possible that Kilrogg Deadeye planned the attack on Stormwind in hopes of using it to get rid of a rival clan.

Cho'gall survived the rise and fall of Blackhand, and the destruction of the Shadow Council. He served a useful purpose to Doomhammer who, with Gul'dan, wished to bring Ogres through the Portal to enforce inter-clan civility. Cho'gall was placed as overseer for the oil refineries in Grim Batol.

When Gul'dan discovered the Tomb of Sargeras, Cho'gall believed that it would herald the end of the world, and so was quick to unlock its secrets. Orgrim Doomhammer ordered the traitorous clans destroyed and while Cho'gall was thought to have been killed in the battle it later turned out that he had escaped with his remaining forces to rebuild and bide his time.[6] Afterwards, those of the Twilight's Hammer, Stormreaver, and Blackrock clans who died in that battle kept reliving it in their undeath, until the night elf warden Maiev Shadowsong put them to rest.

World of WarcraftEdytuj

Twilight's Hammer Cultists

Twilight's Hammer cultists in Warcraft: The Comic.

WoW icon Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w grze World of Warcraft.

While the truth behind how this happened remains a mystery, the modern Twilight's Hammer retains the destructive nature of Cho'gall's clan, but almost nothing else. Somehow, one of the Old Gods has managed to make this clan its pawn; and since that time, the clan's numbers and power have dramatically increased. Even humans and other former members of the Alliance flock to join the service of the elemental lords and help bring about the complete destruction of Azeroth. The largest groups of the Twilight's hammer now camp near the locations where they believe the Old Gods and their minions are sealed away; many wait for C'Thun's awakening in Silithus, and others serve Ragnaros in the Blackrock Depths along side the Dark Iron dwarves.

The Twilight's Hammer clan is still seen w Azeroth. The cult was always obsessed with signs of an apocalypse — as had the clan in earlier times—and indeed often sought to bring such doom about by their actions. The Twilight's Hammer has representatives of all races among its members and employs a myriad of classes from simple warriors to Aquamancers and Shadowmages.

The organization now seems to have a strange fixation on the Old Gods, worshiping Ragnaros and seeking power from such eldritch places as Maraudon, which has very strong ties to the element of Earth, and thus may hold powers long held at rest. They also show strong resistance in Blackfathom Deeps, the submerged domain of the Old God's servant, Aku'mai, and Silithus, where savage winds blow across the desert outside the ruined city of Ahn'Qiraj, domain of mighty C'thun. They even have ambassadors among the dwarves of Blackrock Depths, in the court of Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.

In Darkshore, the Hammer may be found in the Master's Glaive, the site of a large skeleton of a dead Old God. In Ashenvale, their presence is felt most powerfully in the Blackfathom Deeps instance where they worship the ancient beast Aku'mai, favored pet of the Old Gods. Their leader there is Twilight Lord Kelris, an orc caster who sits in meditation before a statue of Queen Azshara, waiting for adventurers on the "Neutral 15Quest" quest. In Ironforge, Gerrig Bonegrip founded the shop Bonegrip's Runes and Dooms for the Twilight's Hammer and assists those seeking to free Princess Myzrael, and the Forsaken Keeper Bel'dugur in Undercity secretly works for the cult. Their strong activity w Silithus might be ascribed to the presence of C'Thun, an Old God. Recently, they have been particularly active in Silithus, using the Windstones to summon powerful Elementals of the Abyssal Council, which may direct the movements of the organization.

World of Warcraft: The ComicEdytuj

WoW-comic-logo-16x68 Niniejsza sekcja zawiera informacje opublikowane w komiksach World of Warcraft.

Following the death of C'thun by an army of mortal adventurers (assisted by trapped members of the Red, Blue and Green Dragonflights), the infamous Cho'gall himself apparently took up residence in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj itself. He kidnapped and brainwashed Garona Halforcen to be his assassin, using her as a tool to sow seeds of distrust between the Alliance and Horde. Cho'gall intended to sacrifice Med'an, the prophesied child of three worlds, to release his dark master from his bonds. However, Med'an and his compatriots founded the New Council of Tirisfal. As the Guardian of this new Council Med'an was able to defeat Cho'gall and foil his schemes.

Wrath of the Lich KingEdytuj

Wrath-Logo-Small Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w dodatku Wrath of the Lich King.

The Twilight's Hammer has also made a presence in Northrend inhabiting the Dungeon of Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom deep in Azjol-Nerub. They appear to be drawn by the presence of the Old God Yogg-Saron and the Faceless Ones which serve him and seek to bring about their dark plans. An unknown number of Twilight Cultists inhabit the Old Kingdom and are led by Jedoga Shadowseeker, a servant of Yogg-Saron. A number of Twilight cultists are also seen within the Descent into Madness of Ulduar. Their Banner can also be seen in the Ruby Sanctum.

Doomsday CultEdytuj

During the Elemental Invasion, members of the Hammer appeared under the name Doomsday Cult in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, preaching apocalypse and trying to destroy those cities. They were ultimately stopped and imprisoned.

The Shattering: Prelude to CataclysmEdytuj

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 Ta sekcja zawiera informacje zawarte w powieściach oraz opowiadaniach.

In the The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm novel, it emerged that the Twilight's Hammer was responsible for two mass murder incidents in Ashenvale, in a calculated plot to sabotage any remaining relations between the Alliance and Horde. Not only were tensions between both sides increased, Hamuul Runetotem would severely be injured during the second mass murder incident. Receiving Hamuul's message and under the belief that the orcs were sent by Garrosh Hellscream, who highly disagreed with any treaty between the Alliance and the Horde, the mighty Cairne Bloodhoof would confront Garrosh. In the subsequent duel between them Cairne would lose his life due to Magatha Grimtotem, who exploited Hellscream's ignorance of his own culture. As such the Twilight Hammer is indirectly responsible for Cairne's death and in a stroke of good luck their role in Ashenvale has remained undiscovered. As such the perpetrators of the mass murder incidents have yet to be found, and have not made any in-game appearance.


Cataclysm-Logo-Small Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w dodatku Cataclysm.

The Twilight's Hammer becomes a major player in the events of the third expansion. Seduced by the promises of power and the destructive intentions of the twisted Aspect of Death, they join him in his quest to unmake the world of Azeroth. They claimed the ancient dwarven fortress of Grim Batol and the surrounding Twilight Highlands, turning it into their main base of operations under leadership of their chieftain, the ogre mage Cho'gall, wreaking havoc wherever they can. They also have enlisted the help of the dangerous twilight dragonflight to bolster their ranks. They lead various campaigns against the world such as the assault on Mount Hyjal, assisting the naga in their war against Neptulon or undermining the efforts of rebuilding the World Pillar in Deepholm. They also maintain a strong presence within Blackrock Caverns, where they ascend to transform into drakonids and are sending supplies back and forth to Twilight Highlands. They work with the Tol'vir to reconfigured the pyramid inside the Maker's Terrace at Uldum to become a superweapon capable of destroying all life on Azeroth. Notably, their role in the game is very similar to that of the Cult of the Damned in Wrath of the Lich King, and may be considered a Cataclysm-version of it.

Thrall: Twilight of the AspectsEdytuj

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 Ta sekcja zawiera informacje zawarte w powieściach oraz opowiadaniach.
Twilight Father

Twilight Father with a chained Kirygosa

With the Twilight Cult in disarray following the demise of its leader, Cho'gall, an enigmatic figure known as the "Twilight Father" had taken on a more active role in the cult's affairs. Arygos delivered his sister, Kirygosa, to the cult. The Twilight father sent a group of Twilight dragons to the reunion of the four dragonflights. The assault had to destroy Ysera and did a diversion to corrupt the eggs of all dragonflights. Thanks to the sacrifice of Korialstrasz, the sanctum was destroyed and the eggs too. The loss was heavy for the dragonflights especially for Alexstrasza. The dragons were chased away from the Wyrmrest Temple and it became the cult's base. They sent a infinite assassin to kill Thrall wherever he goes. Arygos, wanting to become the aspect of magic, wanted to deliver the whole blue dragonflight to the cult. Kalecgos, however, became the new aspect and the Twilight Father betrayed the blue dragon. Aedelas Blackmoore killed him in the Eye of Eternity. His blood activated the Focusing Iris and the flux of arcane magic gave the life to Chromatus. Kirygosa had to breed with Chromatus in order to create a new chromatic dragonflight, stronger and more stable. The cult spent his time to hunt the Elk in Dragonblight feeding the five-headed dragon and to keep an eye on Kyrigosa. Thrall ended up killing Aedelas. Kyri killed some cultist and escaped. On the back of Chromatus, the Twilight Father assited the final assault on the aspects. However, thanks to Thrall, for a little time, the aspects were once again five and ended the chromatus' life. The Twilight Father fled and in spite of his failure wasn't killed by Deathwing but took his role as Archbishop Benedictus back on.


Cataclysm-Logo-Small Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w dodatku Cataclysm.

The Druids of the Flame are members of the cult under the leadership of Fandral Staghelm. Fandral with his servants arrived during the Earthen Ring and the Cenarion Circle union to jail Thralls soul in the elemental plane.[7]

During the opening of the portal on Nordune Ridge, Leyara led a assault of fire minions to lay waste to the invaders.[8] The flame druids resurect Alysra into Alysrazor. A long time after that, she attempted to kill Hamuul during a rendezvous at Leyara's Sorrow. Alongside the fire elementals, the flame druids didn't stop the attack on the Molten Front.[9] The Druids of the Flame attempted to perform a ritual here, but were stopped by the Shadow Wardens.[10] Later, Leyara was spotted in the Igneous Depths and killed by four Shadow Wardens.

During the final assault, the druids defended their master. The blazing talon assisted Alysrazor during his fight while Majordomo Staghelm and his men were defending the Sulfuron Keep. However, the Avengers of Hyjal won the war and the Druids of the Flame were annihilated.

Hour of TwilightEdytuj

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w dodatku Cataclysm.

Thrall, with the aid of adventurers, faced off with the Twilight Father during the Hour of Twilight once and for all. The Twilight Father is defeated, however the Twilight's Hammer continued to lay siege to Wyrmrest. The cultists fled once Morchok was defeated. Some members lead by Hagara the Stormbinder guarded the Focusing Iris within the Eye of Eternity, but Hagara and her group were also slain by heroes. The Twilight's Hammer then makes one final attempt to stop the Dragon Aspects, and a war party of Twilight Dragons accompanied by their Vrykul riders damaged the engines of The Skyfire in an attempt to stop them from catching up to Deathwing as he fled back to Deepholm. Once the Dragons and the Vrykul were slain, however, Warmaster Blackhorn accompanied by Goriona boarded the ship and attempted to dispose of the heroes, but were ultimately slain, allowing the Skyfire to catch up to Deathwing and finally destroy him with the power of the Dragon Soul.

With the death of Deathwing and leadership of the cult the status of the cult is unknown but it can be presumed that the cultist who survived still worship the Old Gods and will remain a threat, however diminished they may be.

Mists of PandariaEdytuj

Mists-Logo-Small Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w dodatku Mists of Pandaria.

While the cult has fallen, some remaining members infiltrated the Ragefire Chasm and founded the Dark Shaman. The legacy of the Hammer is still pursued by several groups such as Council of the Black Harvest, bent on unlocking the mysteries of the cult's dark arts.

Warlords of DraenorEdytuj

WoD-Logo-Small Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w dodatku Warlords of Draenor.

A still active cell of Twilight's Hammer led by an elemental ascendant, Twilight Lord Bathiel has persisted within Blackfathom Deeps. Acting on the orders of the Old Gods themselves, they intend to summon Aku'mai the Devourer into the world of Azeroth. The cult has been capturing prisoners in order to perform blood sacrifices that will serve as a catalyst for the monstrosity's summoning.

Notable commanders and alliesEdytuj

Druids of the FlameEdytuj

During the assault on the Firelands, a new ally of the Twilight's Hammer has emerged — the Druids of the Flame, a treasonous sect of night elves led by IconSmall FandralFireFandral Staghelm who have pledged their allegiance to Ragnaros.[11]

Blackscale nagaEdytuj

Led by Fathom-Lord Heth'Jatar, the Blackscale naga intend to reinforce the Bastion of Twilight.[12]

Dark Iron clanEdytuj

Those who did not follow Moira Thaurissan, allied themselves with the Twilight Hammer cult and have been conspiring in Blackrock Mountain to dominate the Eastern Kingdoms.

Military forcesEdytuj

The RPG Icon 16x36 Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w grze Warcraft RPG, które jest niezgodne z obecnym kanonem.

What the Twilight's Hammer lacks in military training, it more than makes up for in fervor. Every member would willingly die for the cult, fully believing the Old Gods would reward them for their sacrifice.[13]

Members of lower echelons of the Twilight Hammer (which is most of them) are predominately of the non-magical classes, mostly barbarians, rogues, and warriors. Other non-magical classes are known, but less common. As one ascends through the ranks of the organization, spellcasters become more common. The twilight overlords are almost exclusively spellcasters. Most of the spellcasters are arcanists, specifically elementalists.

This hierarchical pyramid is also indicative of how the Twilight's Hammer cult approaches defense. The first cultists the heroes encounter are likely to be low-level initiates. Only if that fails to deter them do the heroes face higher-ranking members, increasing in rank and power as they plunge into the depths of the temple. To catch sight of the inner circle, the heroes must breach the inner sanctum. The twilight lord deigns to fight only if the sect as a whole is threatened (in other words, to preserve his own life or goals). By that point, of course, the heroes are depleted from fighting the cultists, in theory making them easy prey for the twilight lord (which makes him look even more impressive to his followers).

Should a Twilight's Hammer sect be incited to attack another group, their offensive tactics differ little from their defense. Low-level members act as scouts, while the main force attacks in waves of incrementally increasing power, until they subdue their foe, and the twilight lord — or one of his representatives — can swoop in and claim victory. The Twilight's Hammer rarely uses such overt measures, however, preferring instead to scare off those who stand in its way. Accompanying each act of sabotage, kidnapping, or assassination is always an unambiguous — and gruesome — sign that the Twilight's Hammer is responsible.[14]

The True BelieverEdytuj

Hermit Ortell, an NPC who lives in a cave in the southeast of Silithus, is an ex-Twilight's Hammer member. He will take 10 Encrypted Twilight Texts (which can drop from any Twilight's Hammer member and drop in large stacks from the roaming Twilight Prophet) through the repeatable quest Neutral 15Quest. The quest gives no faction, but several hours after the turn-in, he will mail you a container. In the container can be translations of a Twilight's Hammer newsletter that contains lore information, as well as Shadow Resist tradeskill recipes for cloth and plate (Runed Stygian and Darkrune, respectively), as well as scrolls to create an Object of Beckoning.

Known members in World of WarcraftEdytuj

Name Location
IconSmall Cultist Female Combat 15 The Twilight Prophet Silithus
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Vyral the Vile Twilight's Run, Silithus
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Twilight Lord Everun Silithus
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Twilight Keeper Exeter Silithus
IconSmall Cultist Female Combat 15 Twilight Keeper Mayna Silithus
IconSmall CultistOrc Male Combat 15 Twilight Keeper Havunth Silithus
IconSmall Cultist Female Combat 15 Twilight Marauder Morna Silithus
IconSmall Cultist Male Neutral 15 Highlord Demitrian Ravaged Twilight Camp, Silithus
IconSmall Undead Female Neutral 15 Stasia Fallshadow Ahn'Qiraj
IconSmall Tauren Male Combat 15 Pyromancer Loregrain Blackrock Depths
IconSmall Cultist Female Combat 15 High Interrogator Gerstahn Blackrock Depths
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Highlord Mastrogonde Firewatch Ridge, Searing Gorge
IconSmall Undead Female Neutral 15 Willow Desolace
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Lorgus Jett Blackfathom Deeps, Ashenvale
IconSmall CultistOrc Male Combat 15 Twilight Lord Kelris Blackfathom Deeps, Ashenvale
IconSmall Undead Male Combat 15 Twilight Speaker Viktor Blackfathom Deeps, Ashenvale
IconSmall Dwarf Female Neutral 15 Ice Caller Briatha Zoram Strand, Ashenvale
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Firecaller Radison Darkshore
IconSmall Undead Male Horde 15 Keeper Bel'dugur Apothecarium, Undercity
IconSmall Dwarf Male Alliance 15 Gerrig Bonegrip Forlorn Cavern, Ironforge
IconSmall CultistOrc Female Combat 15 Jedoga Shadowseeker Wrath-Logo-Small Ahn'kahet, Dragonblight

Cataclysm CzłonkowieEdytuj

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Niniejsza sekcja dotyczy treści zawartych wyłącznie w dodatku Cataclysm.

Here is a list of all known members of the Twilight's Hammer that appear (or re-appear) in the third expansion: Cataclysm.

Name Location
IconSmall Human Male Alliance 15 Archbishop Benedictus Stormwind, Hour of Twilight
IconSmall Cho'gall Combat 15 Cho'gall the Ogre-Mage Bastion of Twilight, Twilight Highlands
IconSmall AscendantIce Combat 15 Arcurion Hour of Twilight, Dragonblight
IconSmall Blood Elf Female Combat 15 Asira Dawnslayer Hour of Twilight, Dragonblight
IconSmall AscendantFire Combat 15 Emberscar the Devourer Twilight Highlands
IconSmall Cultist FemaleIconSmall Worgen Female Combat 15 Dame Alys Finnsson Twilight Highlands
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Master Klem Twilight Highlands
Ne female Combat 15 Mia the Rose Twilight Highlands
IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Male Combat 15 Fandral Staghelm[11] Mount Hyjal
IconSmall DruidoftheFlame Female Combat 15 Leyara[11] Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Cultist Female Combat 15 Condenna the Pitiless Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Cultist Female Combat 15 Instructor Mylva Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Instructor Mordenn Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 High Cultist Azennios Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 The Manipulator Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Ogre Male Combat 15 Karr'gonn Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Ogre Male Combat 15 Gromm'ko Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Instructor Devoran Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Edric Downing Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Dwarf Female Combat 15 Mahaega Grimforge Mount Hyjal
IconSmall CultistOrc Female Combat 15 Grunka Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Ogre Male Combat 15 Okrog Mount Hyjal
IconSmall Cultist Female Combat 15 Corla, Herald of Twilight Blackrock Caverns
IconSmall CultistOrc Male Combat 15 Drahga Shadowburner Scarred Terrace, Grim Batol
IconSmall Gnome Male Combat 15 Millhouse Manastorm Upper Silvermarsh, Deepholm
IconSmall CultistOrc Male Combat 15 Dragul Giantbutcher Lorthuna's Gate, Deepholm
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Haethen Kaul Twilight Terrace, Deepholm
IconSmall Blood Elf Female Combat 15 High Priestess Lorthuna Temple of Earth
IconSmall Cultist Female Combat 15 High Priestess Azil Stonecore
Ne male Combat 15 Twilight-Lord Arkkus Slag Pit, Searing Gorge
IconSmall Goblin Male Combat 15 Minister Finister Firewatch Ridge, Searing Gorge
IconSmall Broken Male Combat 15 Minister Kiyuubi Firewatch Ridge, Searing Gorge
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Combat 15 Minister Letherio Firewatch Ridge, Searing Gorge
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 Twilight Skymaster Richtofen Twilight Aerie, Thousand Needles
IconSmall Blood Elf Male Combat 15 Elementalist Starion Twilight Bulwark, Thousand Needles
IconSmall DarkIron Male Combat 15 Codemaster Deethuk Twilight Bulwark, Thousand Needles
IconSmall Goblin Male Combat 15 Commander Fastfuse Twilight Bulwark, Thousand Needles
IconSmall Orc Male Neutral 15 Grom-Grom Twilight Bulwark, Thousand Needles
IconSmall DiscipleofCho'gall Combat 15 Gor'kresh Mo'grosh Stronghold, Loch Modan
IconSmall CultistOrc Female Combat 15 Twilight Lord Katrana Sable Ridge, Azshara
IconSmall Cultist Male Combat 15 The Black Bishop Cathedral of Light
IconSmall Cultist Male Alliance 15 Major Samuelson Stormwind Keep
IconSmall DarkIron Male Alliance 15 Ambassador Slaghammer Ironforge
IconSmall Tauren Female Combat 15 Cloudtamer Wildmane Darkshore
IconSmall Troll Male Combat 15 Windmaster Tzu-Tzu Darkshore
IconSmall CultistOrc Male Combat 15 Skylord Braax Darkshore
IconSmall Tauren Male Combat 15 Doomsayer Wiserunner Bael'dun Digsite, Mulgore
IconSmall CultistOrc Male Horde 15 Sauranok the Mystic Grommash Hold
IconSmall DarkIron Male Combat 15 Calamoth Ashbeard Wetlands
IconSmall DarkIron Female Combat 15 Yorla Darksnare Wetlands
IconSmall DarkIron Male Combat 15 Drungeld Glowerglare Wetlands
IconSmall DarkIron Male Combat 15 Balgaras the Foul Wetlands

Doomsday CultEdytuj

Name Location
IconSmall Troll Female Neutral 15 Overseer Jintak Last seen in Jaggedswine Farm
IconSmall Orc Female Neutral 15 Cultist Tokka Last seen in Jaggedswine Farm
IconSmall Orc Male Neutral 15 Cultist Agtar Last seen in Jaggedswine Farm
IconSmall Orc Male Neutral 15 Cultist Kagarn Last seen in Jaggedswine Farm
IconSmall Orc Female Neutral 15 Cultist Rokaga Last seen in Jaggedswine Farm
Ne female Neutral 15 Overseer Sylandra Last seen in Mirror Lake Orchard
IconSmall Human Female Neutral 15 Cultist Lethelyn Last seen in Mirror Lake Orchard
IconSmall Human Female Neutral 15 Cultist Kaima Last seen in Mirror Lake Orchard
IconSmall Human Male Neutral 15 Cultist Wyman Last seen in Mirror Lake Orchard
IconSmall Human Male Neutral 15 Cultist Orlunn Last seen in Mirror Lake Orchard

Poprzedni członkowieEdytuj

Leaving the Twilight's Hammer is not easy and deserters will be hunted.

Nazwa Lokacja Status
IconSmall Human Male Neutral 15 Hermit Ortell Ortell's Hideout, Silithus Hunted
Ne male Alliance 15 Zamael Lunthistle Firewatch Ridge, Searing Gorge Executed
IconSmall Dwarf Male Neutral 15 Theldurin the Lost Agmond's End, Badlands Hunted
IconSmall Orc Male Horde 15 Zaruk Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands Horde member
IconSmall DarkIron Male Alliance 15 Morridune Blackfathom Deeps Imprisoned
IconSmall Human Male Neutral 15 Sab'aoth Bc icon Cosmowrench, Netherstorm Living in Outland
IconSmall ChaosOrc Male Combat 15 Dark Shaman Koranthal Mists-Logo-Small Ragefire Chasm Joined the Dark Shaman



  • It is customary for new recruits to be sent on difficult or impossible tasks,[15] such as obtaining a black dragon scale or phoenix feather.
  • A tablet speaks of the "end times." From what you can decipher, the crude scrawls of multiple authors speak of at least seven different and sometimes conflicting versions of a final reckoning for all of the inhabitants of Draenor. Eerily, the iconography of a flaming hammer is clearly depicted - is this the ancestral origin of the Twilight's Hammer clan?[16]

Redesigning Edytuj

Twilight's Hammer

Original banner.


Pre-Cataclysm banner.

Since the eary stages of Cataclysm's development, the Twilight's Hammer Cult was intented to be a face of the Cataclysm, with entire dungeons and zones devoted to them. What was once Cho'Gall and his clan became an enormous, world-hating cult that involved all races of Azeroth. The developers felt that they could use existing art of all races and add it to the pre-existing art of the Cult. However, the only art direction the developers came up with was the banner found in the Cult's camps, so they didn't have much to give the Cult their own unique look. One angle that was explored was the Old God connection: statues of Faceless Ones and lamps with the same motif worked into them were designed. The final art direction for the Cult's environment were dragon's heads, scales, and horns, purple flames, and Elementium blades. Elementium was chosen to be the Cult's "key-mineral," like Saronite was the Scourge's in Wrath of the Lich King. Since the Twilight's Hammer was summoning Elementium up from the ground, the developers decided to give unforged Elementium the organic, spiny look found within the Bastion of Twilight and the Twilight Highlands.[17]


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