Illidan Stormrage
Afbeelding van Illidan Stormrage
Titel The Betrayer, Lord of Outland
Geslacht Mannelijk
Ras(sen) Unieke demon[1]/night elf[2] hybride[3]
Level ?? (Boss)
Character class Sorcerer,[4] demon hunter[5]
Affiliatie Zichzelf (voormalig Burning Legion en Kaldorei)
Beroep Heer van Outland, Meester van de Black Temple
Locatie Temple Summit, Black Temple
Status Overleden (lore); Bevechtbaar (WoW)
Familie Malfurion Stormrage (tweelingbroer), Tyrande Whisperwind (schoonzus)
Mentor(s) Kil'jaeden
Student(en) Varedis, Leotheras the Blind, Alandien
"Betrayer... In truth, it was I who was betrayed. Still, I am hunted. Still, I am hated. Now, my blind eyes can see what others cannot. That sometimes the hand of fate must be forced! Now go forth... unleash the tides of Doom... Upon all those... Who would oppose us."

Illidan Stormrage was de zelfbenoemde Heer van Outland, regeerend vanuit de Black Temple. Hij was geboren als een night elf, en werd zoals vermeld door Maiev Shadowsong, "neither demon nor night elf, but something more" (niet night elf noch demon, maar iets meer). Hij was de tweelingbroer van Malfurion Stormrage en was verliefd op Tyrande Whisperwind.

Gedenkwaardige uitspraken[bewerken | brontekst bewerken]

  • "I come to offer my services to my queen...and to the lord of the Legion!"
  • "Well? Come with me... if you'd like to live long enough to see me save this world!"
  • "Imprisoned for ten thousand years. Banished from my own homeland. And now you dare enter MY realm? You are not prepared..."
  • "Now I am complete."
  • "Isolation can do that to the mind. Now, after all the long centuries you kept me chained in darkness, it is only fitting that I bury you in turn."
  • "Whatever I may be - whatever I may become in this world - know that I will always look out for you, Tyrande."
  • "We have had much strife between us, my brother. I have known only ages of hate for you. But, for my part, I wish it to end. From this day forward, let there be peace between us."
  • "Perhaps hiding here was not the most prudent decision."
  • "You have won... Maiev... But the huntress... is nothing... without the hunt... You... are nothing... without... me..."

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Illidan keert terug met naga Arthas tegen Illidan
Warcraft_3_The_Frozen_Throne_Opening Arthas_vs_Illidan

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Referenties[bewerken | brontekst bewerken]

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