Alliance 32
Craw MacGraw
Craw MacGraw
Titel <Wildhammer Clan Quartermaster>
Geslacht Mannelijk
Ras Wildhammer dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 85,239
Reactie Alliance Horde
Affiliatie Wildhammer Clan
Locatie Thundermar, Twilight Highlands[48.7, 30.4]

Craw MacGraw is de quartermaster voor Wildhammer Clan. Hij kan worgen gevonden in Thundermar, Twilight Highlands.

Verkochte items Edit

Craw MacGraw
<Wildhammer Clan Quartermaster>
Item Kosten Type
Friendly Tabard of the Wildhammer Clan 1Gold Tabard
Honored Gloves of Aetherial Rumors 22Gold 25Silver 76Copper Cloth Hands (caster)
Helm of the Skyborne 49Gold 90Silver 2Copper Mail Head (spirit)
Swiftflight Leggings 62Gold 4Silver 22Copper Leather Legs (agility)
Mantle of Wild Feathers 45Gold 69Silver 78Copper Leather Shoulder (spirit)
Revered Arcanum of the Wildhammer 150Gold Augment (strength)
Band of Singing Grass 21Gold 37Silver 37Copper Ring (caster DPS)
Gryphon Talon Gauntlets 38Gold 61Silver 99Copper Plate Hands (strength)
Crown of Wings 57Gold 6Silver 30Copper Plate Head (tank)
Windhome Helm 54Gold 65Silver 7Copper Mail Head (agility)
Exalted Gryphon Rider's Boots 88Gold 92Silver 52Copper Plate Feet (tank)
Stormbolt Gloves 42Gold 58Silver 50Copper Leather Hands (agility)
Belt of the Untamed 42Gold 27Silver 16Copper Leather Waist (spirit)
Lightning Flash Pendant 21Gold 37Silver 37Copper Neck (caster)

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