Anchorite Tessa in Wintergrasp Fortress wil dat je 10 Horde Herb Pouches van Horde players in de Steppe of Life terughaald.

Quest tekstEdit

My, it its quite chilly up here! Reminds me of the stormy peaks of Kaarinos on Argus. However, with all of this snow and ice, our soldiers can easily catch cold.

Head to the Steppe of Life in southwestern Wintergrasp, and bring me back 10 of the flowing red plants you find. I will grind them into a medicine to help protect against the cold.

The Horde have been seen collecting them from the plant life in the area. Do not hesitate to slay them and retrieve the herbs!

Quest voortgang tekstEdit

I hope you didn't pull up any of the lashers by mistake! They gave Private Doane quite a whipping last week.

Quest inleveren tekstEdit

Excellent! This will help protect our troops against the cold.


  • 7 Gold 40 Silver (13 Gold 23 Silver bij level 80)
  • 10 Stonekeepersshard Stone Keeper's Shard


De Horde 15 Horde versie van deze quest is Horde 15 [80] Healing with Roses.

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