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Magni Bronzebeard はドワーフの王国Khaz Modanにおける現在の王であり、 Ironforgeの、そしてBronzebeard Clanの長である。

History 編集


Magni Bronzbeard

Bronzebeard Clanの三兄弟のうちもっとも年長で、Magniは山のドワーフたちの王となる宿命を背負っていた。身体的な力強さと鋭敏な知能を併せ持ち、世界中の何よりも二人の弟たちを愛している。彼はまたSecond Warにおける英雄の一人であり、民を率いて実際に戦闘に赴くことも少なくなかった。[1]Alliance of LordaeronによるIronforgeの解放において、彼は同盟に協力を誓い、二人の弟をAllianceに同行させた。

Third War編集

Lordaeronの陥落の最中、真ん中の弟Muradin BronzebeardがNorthrendにて戦死したと報告を受ける。現地で前線に立っていたArthasはMagniに「MuradinはUndeadによって殺されたが、彼の犠牲によってFrostmourneを手にすることができ、すぐにLordaeronへ戻り戦局を良い方向に向けられるだろう」といった旨の書簡を送る。書簡の中ではMuradinの遺体も送り返されるという記載もあったが、結局それは果たされなかった。[2] 結果としてMagniはMuradinの死はArthusによるものであるという真実を知ることとなる。[3] MagniはMuradinを失った悲しみをどうにか乗り越え、彼と残った末の弟Brannは改めて一族を率いく強い意志を固めた。

Involvement with the creation of the Ashbringer編集

Muradinの死後 High Inquisitor FairbanksとAlexandros MograineがMagniを尋ねてきた。彼らに請われ、また弟の死に対する復讐のために、Magni自身で磨かれる前の状態であった伝説の剣Ashbringerを鍛え直した。この事よりMagniはかなりレベルの高い鍛冶の技術も有することが伺い知れる。[3]
※コミック『Death is Contagious』より

Aftermath of the Third War編集

Magni王の末弟であり、著名な冒険かとしても知られるBrannが数ヶ月にわたり消息不明となり、Magni王は彼の生存をあきらめていた。彼は賢く力強い王であるものの、兄弟を失った悲しみと痛みは彼に重くのしかかった。多くのドワーフたちは次第に次に玉座を継ぐことのできるBronzbeardの血族がいるかどうか不安になったが、最近になりBrannの消息が明らかとなった。Silithusにおける彼の探索でなんとか生き延び、この世のものとは思えないC'tunの外郭に拠点を作り生還したのだ。Magni王の心配とExplorer's Leagueからの不満の声をよそに、BrannはOutlandへ旅立ち、また最近では再びNorthrendに向かった。

Magni王の唯一の跡継ぎであるMoira BronzbeardはDark Iron ClanのDagrann Thaurissanによって誘拐され、幻惑の魔術によって何の疑いもなく邪悪な王に仕えている。Thaurissanは彼女を魔術によって誘惑し、彼を愛するように仕向け、結果的に彼女はThaurissanの子を宿す。王国は絶望に沈んだが、生れ来る子は皮肉にもBronzbeard ClanとDark Iron Clanの双方にとっての世継ぎということになる。

World of Warcraft: The Comic編集

テンプレート:Comic-section In recent times, Magni has diplomatically approached Stormwind for assistance against the ever increasing Dark Iron threat, citing their destruction and control of the Thandol Span. Much to his frustration, his pleas have fallen on deaf ears. While Bolvar concurs with the dwarven king, Lady Katrana Prestor, advisor to the recently returned King Varian, accuses Magni of trying to involve Stormwind in the dwarves' personal war, and refuses to send reinforcements. Luckily, Jaina already informed Magni of the appearance of Lo'gosh. Lo'gosh resulted to be the real King Varian Wrynn, he attacked the Dark Iron Dwarves, later Magni and his dwarves helped him and together they defeated the Dark Iron that had controled the Thandol Span.

In World of Warcraft編集

テンプレート:Wow-section King Magni Bronzebeard is a Level ?? (Boss) quest giver located in the High Seat in the Great Forge in the dwarven capital city of Ironforge.

He starts the following quests:

He ends the quest Alliance 15 [60] The Feast of Winter Veil (Feast of Winter Veil).

Prince Magni Bronzebeard's Silver Coin can be fished from the Dalaran fountain. It bears a wish from when he was younger: "I hope that my father and brothers outlive me. I'll not make much of a king."

Magni also appears briefly at the frost dwarf stronghold of Frosthold in the Storm Peaks during Alliance 15 [80] The Brothers Bronzebeard.

See List of Ironforge NPCs.

Tactics 編集

ファイル:King Magni.jpg

King Magni has several nasty abilities at his disposal including a powerful Thunderclap, Charge, and a massive knock back. In addition, he can launch players into the air, transform into an Avatar which increases his damage and armor, as well as summon guards to aid him. When his health drops low he heals himself by using an ability similar to Lay on Hands. Because Magni has a relatively small aggro range, 1 healer can drink and resurrect dead players while other still fight Magni.

Be advised that Ironforge is the most populated capital city of the Alliance. To successfully take down the King, the raid group has to attack quickly and give the Alliance as little warning as possible.

Note: Attacking Ironforge first will catch them off guard. Attacking Ironforge last, gives Alliance members time to group and prepare. One method is as follows:

1. Attack during the time where most players logged off for the night. If this is not possiable try having a decoy attack guards in stormwind to lure the alliance away from ironforge to assist stormwind.

2. Rush from the Main Gate and directly into the High Seat.

3. While in the main throne room, your group should have caught the attention of the guards from the main gate to the High Seat.

4. While your main tank is holding off the King, have your casters perform as many AOE spells on the guards.

Note: Several warlocks spamming Seed of Corruption usually works well (Tab + Seed of Corruption). The tactic behind this is that by applying Seed of Corruption to multiple targets, everyone in the area will take massive damage. This will ensure chaos and confusion for healers.

5. Members of the Alliance are probably going to be trying to save the King. And you need at least two groups to focus on them at the door.

Note: Having a few death knight's on your side would help, have them use Anti-Magic Zone. Death Grip will pull them into your raid group and kill off Alliance members more easily.

6. Also remember the abilities of the King (mentioned below).

7. After the King is taken down, direct your raid group to the Deeprun Tram for Stormwind City.

Abilities 編集

  • Avatar: Increases the Physical damage dealt by the caster by 50% and enhances its armor by 50% for 15 sec.
  • Thunderclap
  • Charge
  • Knockback
  • Summon Guards
  • Self Heal
  • Stormbolt hits for 5-6k physical damage and stuns the target for 8 secs.

Quotes 編集


Aggro For Khaz'Modan!

Aggro Feel the fury of the mountain!

Greeting Strength, honor. I see them in you. Why have you come?

Greeting What brings you to Ironforge?

Greeting How can the dwarves help you?

Greeting What do you seek within the mountain?

Response to Princess Moira Bronzebeard's revelation編集

<King Magni Bronzebeard is visibly upset.>
It seems that even in death, Thaurissan has won.
You are dismissed, <name>. Before you leave, you may choose your reward from the royal vault.
<King Bronzebeard slumps into his throne to mull over this bizarre change of events.>

Myth 編集

In the Norse mythology, Magni is one of Thor's two sons, and one of the few gods who will survive the Ragnarok, and who will wield (along with his brother, Modi) his father's legendary hammer Mjolnir after Ragnarok.

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