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== List of Vandals ==
== List of Vandals ==
Found a vandal on wowwiki? List them here, and we'll ZAP 'EM!
See [[Vandal]].
====October 2005====
* [[user:Wasyoproblemson|Wasyoproblemson]] - [[special:contributions/Wasyoproblemson|contribs]] - [[user talk:Wasyoproblemson|talk]]
* [[user:Puta20|Puta20]] - [[special:contributions/Puta20|contribs]] - [[user talk:Puta20|talk]]
====Aug 2005====
* [[user:Kiri|Kiri]] - [[special:contributions/Kiri|contribs]] - [[user talk:kiri|talk]]
* [[user:Zelos|Zelos]] - [[special:contributions/Zelos|contribs]] - [[user talk:zelos|talk]]
== WoWWiki general policy article (proposal) ==
== WoWWiki general policy article (proposal) ==

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Item Category Rework

Noticing that there seems to be little organization to the way items are being categorized on the site I have worked up a suggestion for how to create the categories. I'm looking for suggestions to my proposed layout that can be found here on my user page. If you have any suggestions please make them on my talk page. --BaldMonkey 21:42, 29 Sep 2005 (EDT)

List of Vandals

See Vandal.

WoWWiki general policy article (proposal)

I propose having a general policy article, say, WoWWiki:Policy or some such (no need for any specific name, just that it's recognizable). This would help stabilize everything. If no one responds to this by tomorrow night (or the next time I come on after that), I'll go ahead and make such an article not so much to say that I know what's best, but I do recognize the need for stability, as for making this wiki more professional-looking. This article should be linked on the main page, or at least somewhere well traveled so that all the contributors can see it. -- D. F. Schmidt talk 01:31, 29 Aug 2005 (EDT)

I finally created that article, about a month after I said I would do so. I hope no one disagrees. Schmidt talk 03:28, 27 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Add a favicon?

Hi, I love this wiki! I use a tabbed browser and sometimes it's hard to find the WoWWiki tabs at the bottom, because each page is titled Subject - WoWWiki (so all I see is the left part), and there's no favicon ( ) for the site. I wouldn't presume to create one because I don't know what your preferred logo is, but may I suggest that you do so in your Copious Free Time™? -- WoWGeek

I'd like a favicon too, but we need to get the attention of site master, AlexanderYoshi. -- Fandyllic

Great new tools for WOW

Guys you should check out this website. It provides great tools for WOW. Enchantrix, auctioneer, and gatherer.

These are not new, this looks like spam would look to me. -- OwlBoy

I think its okay to add this here, since these folks are still part of the community... this page doesn't have much to look at most of the time anyway. :-( -- Fandyllic

Error Reporting

Where should we post requests for deletion, or report WowWiki errors?
(I have a redundant uploaded image I'd like to get rid of..., and it's redundant because of a site error...) Thanks, -Laisren 07:30, 19 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Edit by Gormoth: This is easily fixed by running "repair table searchindex" on the database, or by dropping and recreating the table. Please can we mark this operation as urgent? It makes 50% of the site inaccessible, and it will take all of 5 seconds to fix.

[2005-Jun-19 19:13 EDT, 23:13 Server Time] FYI: Bug on WoWWiki Searches:

Database error
From WoWWiki
For query "Alanna"
A database query syntax error has occurred. This could be because of an illegal 
search query (see Searching WoWWiki), or it may indicate a bug in the software. The last
attempted database query was: 
SELECT cur_id,cur_namespace,cur_title,cur_text FROM cur,searchindex WHERE cur_id=si_page AND 
MATCH(si_title) AGAINST('+Alanna' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AND cur_namespace IN (0,9,11) LIMIT 0, 20
from within function "SearchEngine::showResults". MySQL returned error "1016: Can't open
file: 'searchindex.MYI' (errno: 145)". 

- Laisren


Database error
From WoWWiki
A database query syntax error has occurred. This could be because of an illegal search query (see Searching WoWWiki), or it 
may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was: 
UPDATE LOW_PRIORITY searchindex SET si_title='article type' WHERE si_page=17540
from within function "SearchUpdate::doUpdate". MySQL returned error "1016: Can't open file: 
'searchindex.MYI' (errno: 145)".

- Laisren 03:15, 2 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I am currently getting database syntax errors on almost all searches for items not in the db that contain a space. Try "Hammer of the Titans", "Arcanite Reaper", "Baron Geddon" etc.

- Asherett 17:36, 8 Sept 2005 (CET)

I've been getting these errors for months now and it makes the site so much less useful. I tried emailing Rustak at the email address on the About WoWWiki page, but I haven't received a response :( Please fix this error, it should be a matter of a REPAIR TABLE like Gormoth mentioned... - Thorarin 18:27, 24 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Stubs Category

I added a Stubs category ([[Category:Stubs]]), so those who want to contribute to sections that have been added, but are empty or unfinished can look there for what needs work. --- Fandyllic 5:38 PM (PST) 1 Mar 2005

I'm gonna add an Empty Stubs category ([[Category:Empty Stubs]]) for entries that have only a stub. Of course, this needs to be manually kept accurate... oh well.

--- Fandyllic 11:00 AM (PST) 8 Mar 2005


Should we keep prior patch bug/feature info in sections? I think keeping the most up to date info (rather than what was in the last patch or before the last bug fix) is prudent, but I don't want to hack up too many wiki pages until I get confirmation. Eir

UI Question: MapNotes backup (Dec 2004)

Every week that there is an update the Interface directory gets delelted and I lose all my Mapnotes. Where is the data kept? I could find no file storing the coords and description of my Mapnotes. No one I asked online knew either.

SavedVariables.lua in the WTF folder - just copy the map notes parts and save em somewhere seperate, copy em back in after. PS: Cosmos Questions or UI Questions would probably have been a better place to ask :) -- Goldark 13:06, 21 Dec 2004 (EST)

New entries

Added a link to the class guides in the guides section, please link it on the main page, as editing is locked. -- Klocwerk 14:27, 3 Dec 2004 (EST)


I don't know if this is the good place to talk about this, but I encountered a couple of undocumented functions (ie: I can't find them in wowwiki, at least, not in the global API). These are ChatFrame_AddChannel(chatFrame, channel), ChatFrame_RemoveChannel(chatFrame, channel) and ChatFrame_RemoveAllChannels(chatFrame). You can find about them here:

The thing that bugs me if the "patched" on the URL.

Theses functions are actually used by mods like Chat Localizer, withtout any include.

--Lokh 14:00, 8 Apr 2005 (CEST)

They're not "undocumented" per-se. They're not included in the API reference because they're not part of the core API. These are defined in Blizzard's code, if you extract FrameXML and look in FrameXML/ChatFrame.lua, you can see their definitions. At present the API reference is limited (with a couple of appropriate exceptions) to core API functions, on the grounds that you can look up the definition of the FrameXML ones and see what they do directly, whereas the core API needs the documentation because the definitions are within the game native code.

-- Flickering 12:19, 8 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Images for pages

After looking around a bit, I decided to do some additions to the Druid Spells pages. However, I have no clue on how to get images for the various spells, so I can put them on the spell pages.

Anyone know a good way and/or place to get them?

-- Powerlord 02:02, 7 Apr 2005 (EDT)
Some places to get Druid spell images:
--- Fandyllic 12:37 PM, 7 Apr 2005 (PDT)
I also found that you can extract them with an MPQ Viewer. I think this is OK, based on what I read in the WoWWiki FAQ, but can someone confirm that for me?
--- Powerlord 16:00, 7 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Slight Template Change

I added Category:Class_Abilities to the Template:AbilitiesFooter template. This makes it more consistant with the way Template:SpellFooter works are done.

-- Powerlord 18:50, 7 Apr 2005 (EDT)
This change has been removed, as Wiki does odd things when a Category is included from a Template.
-- Powerlord 23:40, 7 Apr 2005 (EDT)

German Translation

Hi guys,

how do you think about a german translation of this page? Would it be possible to get a subdomain ( or could you host the wiki system for this?


Has anyone here seen (or used and/or contributed to) the GuildWiki (a wiki for Guild Wars)? It is one of the best wikis I've ever used (I contribute there as Sarron as well), and has a lot of good ideas in which this wiki might find inspiration.

In particular:

  • Their use of different types of stubs is great
  • Their main page has MANY great links -- in fact, most of the critical ones -- to start you off and provide short cuts and makes the wiki feel very accessible to new players/users of the wiki
  • Their "Helping Out" pages are great for not only getting people started with contributing, but getting them started on the right track and with the wikis simple standards in mind to keep everything cohesive and readable.
  • They have some really good uses of simple tables and whatnot

At any rate, I recommend people check it out even briefly. They're doing a stand-up job at providing a comprehensive, yet page-quality-controlled and professional quality job.


Perhaps for a proper search, we could use Google's Site-flavored search or something like that. It could be on the Main Page perhaps. The normal search is inadequate, I think. Schmidt talk 18:45, 21 Oct 2005 (EDT)

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