aka Vas

  • I live in Jackson County, IL
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is Information Source
  • I am Queer AF

Originating from a PvP server this player often enjoys picking fights with the opposing faction, but is generally more friendly towards Horde members. Their main realm is Deathwing, but also has toons on Gnomeregan, Kalecgos, Frostmane, and Sargeras.

In real life this player enjoys Philosophy, Arthropodology, Swordplay, Martial Arts, Anime and the general Japanese culture, and obviously playing WoW. They are also addicted to PSO, Starbound, and Planetside 2. They close friends refer to them as Vaserati or more commonly Vas.

This player is currently attending University for studies in the Philosophies, specifically Phenomenology and Ontology.

This player is thirty-two years old, has high functioning Asperger's Autism and is queer AF. Please be respectful of their differences, and refer to them with gender neutral pronouns.

As far as the Asperger's is concerned, it is only very minor. Sound and light do not bother this player, nor do over-the-internet relations/conversations. The only problem they have in WoW is inability to lead a raid, although they can assist in strategic comprehension/planning of almost any encounter, and has authored several of the original raid strategies on the Tera and Rift wikis.

They applied to Blizzard Entertainment once in the past but had to turn down a position due to not knowing about having to move to their office locations.




  • Sylentsnyper 80 Survivalist Hunter w/ Slime/Hydra tank pets and Invisocat dps pet - Herald character
  • Gneanderthal 80 Undecided DK (may delete)
  • Deathlysin Former 70 Rogue Tank (may delete)


Name Changes

  • Deathlysin(Kalecgos) -> Shadowstab(Gnomeregan) -> Roguetank(Gnomeregan) -> Unhittable(Kalecgos) -> Deathlysin(Sargeras)
  • Dostoevsky(Gnomeregan) -> Steelbullets(Frostmane) -> Sylentsnyper(Sargeras)
  • Steelwall(Kalecgos) -> Baddaytolive(Illidan) -> Crithappy(Gnomeregan) ->Savagesteel(Kalecgos) -> Steelfury(Frostmane) -> Vaserati(Sargeras -> Doomhammer -> Deathwing)

PvP EventsEdit

-Gurubashi Battle Royale

    • Located in Gurubashi Arena
    • No grouping allowed
    • No support allowed
    • Free-for-all
    • Open the chest and win a prize
    • Rez running allowed
    • Guild participation allowed, under the above rules
    • No level requirement
    • Small to medium prize based on turnout, ~200-2k

-Nagrand Island Deathmatch

    • Located on the largest floating island in Nagrand
    • Free-for-all, except single healers allowed (technically 2v2 or 1v2 or 1v1)
    • Edge knockbacks frowned upon (that means you druids and mages)
    • Last one or team on the island wins
    • Prize divided for teams of two
    • Sign-ups required at least a week in advance, no entry fee (to keep people from waiting above or near the island before the event ends)
    • Limited to 25 people
    • Minimum level 60, recommended 85
    • Prize money split between respective winners, medium prize ~1k-2k

-Tanaris Summer War

    • Two guilds selected from horde and alliance
    • Located in Tanaris desert, strategically placed between appropriate faction graveyards
    • 25 to 40 participants on each side required, both teams must be equal
    • Raid grouping
    • Private event (not posted on forums)
    • Winning factor(s) TBD
    • Minimum level 85
    • Prize money given to winning guild leader, large prize ~10k-20k


Fisticuffs Challenge

    • Beat Vaserati in Fisticuffs
    • May match Vaserati on any gear slot he uses (which includes ranged weapon without ammo)
    • No spells allowed (includes things like Bloodthirst, Enraged Regeneration; anything that consumes energy, mana, runepower, or rage)
    • Use of trinkets' on-use affects allowed
    • Stand toe-locked
    • Small prize ~10-100g


    • Find me wherever I may be hiding
    • I will not be stealthed, flying, or moving
    • Either come in contact with as Same-faction or kill as Opposite-faction
    • May require in-depth knowledge of game mechanics or precise movement to reach me
    • Small prize ~10-1000g depending on difficulty

Notable CharacteristicsEdit

  • Earned their over 9000 achievement on 12/18/10, and earned their 1000th achievement on 6/23/12.
  • Got the Explorer Title at level 70 on Steelfury eight hours after the release or WotLK. World First legally (one person has it well [weeks] before the release date). Proof?  (Picture Internally Dated 11/14/08_19:31:47)
  • Discovered the method for making single button rotations for many DPS class/specs legitimately, however only shared it beyond the paywalled section of a certain infamous forum. The method was nerfed after two expansions.
  • Used to (and continues to) raid without DBM for more challenge, and can do most fights without it. 
  • Believes Fury is a great dps spec for Warriors, both in PvP and PvE, despite their difficulty to prove it in PvE.
  • Enjoys Fishing, generally in Orgrimmar or in the Burning Steppes. Leveled fishing from 1-375 purely in either of these places, prior to when lava yielded fish.
  • Has three pets on Dostoevsky (or whatever his name is now) that were not supposed to be and are no longer available.
  • Likes to PvP, and has become quite good at it. Often PvPs without UI.
  • Pre-2.4, and post 3.0 could often be found exploring, and has many, many times gotten stuck in holes without a hearth. That one being a bit of an extreme version. ^_^ Majorly nerfed as of 3.0.8a. Actively exploring post 3.3.0.
  • Will often RP to an extent with their characters.
  • Has renamed several of their characters multiple times, with no intention of hiding their identity.
  • Had acquired the full Bloodsail Buccaneer armor set (acquired in summer '07, reputation restored fall '08) before there was a title for motivation.
  • Built a pure avoidance rogue. Renamed Shadowstab to Roguetank accordingly. Almost completed. Nerfed in 3.0. Character now retired. Videos at end of page.
 * Tanked Gruul from 35% to 0%, as the official tanks had both died. No video.
 * Tanked Prince in Kara from 100% to 40%. Died due to Infernals. Was the only attempt made on Prince 
 before the avoidance nerf. Still technically has acceptable avoidance as Prince suffers a dual wield 
 penalty. No video.
 * Tanked several heroic instances fully, including Shadow Labyrinth and Shattered Halls.
  • Was a proud owner of Thunderfury and Sulfuras in BC.
  • Prior to the implementation of resilience would PvP in a bright pink dress, trying for top damage in battlegrounds as fury, often succeeding.
  • As of obtaining Sulfuras, now purposely PvPs DWing Thunderfury and Sulfuras, transmogged with tier 2.5 (AQ40 class set), successfully ganking many 90s they meet. Trying to make proof of skill over gear. Has done so since 80.
  • Hosts server wide PvP events, with large cash prizes. These events ended when they departed Gnomeregan. They would like to resume them in Classic.
  • Still on occasion will challenge the Horde or Alliance to find them hiding in a city, with the goal being either to kill or come in contact with them, resulting in about ten upwards of several hundred gold, depending on difficulty. Recently found a buddy whom they can challenge to very difficult games of hide and seek all around Azeroth, still awarding this person with gold of varying amounts depending on difficulty.
  • Every weekend before Cataclysm would give away somewhere between 100 and 1000 (total) gold to random strangers with trivia in trade chat. On holidays they would make special events available. (Christmas of '09 they gave away 20 pieces of coal, 100g, and 5000g in that order to random people who responded to the spam in trade "giving away free gifts") (5k g back then would be roughly 100k g nowadays with inflation)
  • Took the time to translate A-Z and AA-ZZ as well as special symbols on both Horde and Alliance. Them and a friend modified an existing addon to help make entering faster and more efficient. Addon was nerfed in 3.3.0.
  • Can say over 500 different words in Orcish on them Alliance toons, although only 30 someodd are useful. Can effectively make full sentences. Often surprised Horde by saying their names.
  • Can say over 400 words in Common on their Horde toons, although almost none are useful. Can not make sentences.
  • Briefly achieved a position in the top 100(74) achievers on Kalecgos. Decided that they needed a life (as if the above didn't prompt that already) and did not play WoW until they had dropped down to at least rank 101(148). Is currently in the top [1000] (old data, but probably still in the top 100k) on their new realm, Deathwing; and has stayed in the top 50,000 worldwide for well over a year, despite a 6 and 3 month hiatus in 2011/12 and an 8 month hiatus in 2013.
  • After four years of playing their main, human warrior Steelwall, as Alliance since the character (and account) was made in 1.4, this player made the switch to Horde (tauren) to play with their real life friends who had been on the server for as long as they had, but decided to play Horde. A year after, they switched back to Alliance and rejoined their main guild, but lost the world first achievement date for Explorer in the process. As of logging on again in 2019, it seems like Blizzard fixed the achievement date.
  • They had effectively completed every quest in the game pre-MoP due to consistently switching factions to play with RL friends, and going back to finish every missed or rehashed quest.
  • Their BMF IRL, who has played WoW and other games with them since the beginning of Blizzard's gaming career, has a tag team rogue with them. Their rogue is named Baddaytolive while his is named Gooddaytodie.

Translation GuideEdit

Translation Guide

Ally = Horde

A = O
B = E
D = Y
P = U
♪/♥ = V
♫ = L
♠ = M
♦ = A
™ = H
ee = lo
oo = ve
ba = ti
ag = me
zz = ne
pp = an
aa = re
700 = LON
fff = ver
ppp = vil

Horde = Ally

A = G
C = O
D = L
F = A
J = N
♠ = M
♦ = K
™ = R

If you are alliance, here are some fun things you can say:

Hello my lovely moomoo.
May me have ale?
Me never love you. (ag zz fff ee oo d a p)
Me love you lon time. (ag ee oo d a p 700 ba ag) or (ag ee oo p 700 ba ag) ((there is no translation for G))
Me lonely. (ag 700 b ♫ d)

If you are horde, here are some minorly useful/useless things you can say:

No Gank


General Browsing





* Roguetank Series:


* Epic Jump/Flight Series:


I ˁ̵ˀ Horde


This player has found, met, and sometimes befriended several "Gaming Celebrities" in WoW. Without revealing who she friended vs just met, here is a short list in no particular order:

  • Omo
  • Hulksmash
  • Oxhorn
  • TotalBiscuit
  • Gaeowyn
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