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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

The World of Warcraft Wildstorm comics are a comic series set in the Warcraft universe and released monthly in a standard western comic format. It is comprised of an ongoing series and also a mini-series.

When writing the comics, the story and preserving the integrity of the universe is more important than the details. The artists and writers do not have to stick to nit-picky details as if they were working on the Star Wars license, and are given leeway.[1]


Ongoing series

  • Written by Walter Simonson
  • Art by Ludo Lullabi and Sandra Hope
  • Covers by Jim Lee, Samwise Didier (50/50 split)

At the time of its conception, the ongoing comic is currently set for two story arcs, both six issues each. Both were set concurrently with the events of The Burning Crusade.[1] The comic is now set to be at least twenty-five issues long.[2]

The Alliance and Horde are getting along even though there is some tension between the two factions, at the time, because of the peace treaty, between Thrall and Jaina. The new human character has been introduced to be someone that doesn't get along with the Horde, and learns about it from the inside out, and scares the Horde, that he knows what he knows. He learns their tactics. He's a bad dude, and they respect him.[2]


See each volume for respective main, supporting and minor characters. Several new characters have been introduced in the comic.[3]


Ongoing series


Other series

Wildstorm intends to release another Warcraft comic series during 2009. It is unknown whether this will be a mini-series akin to Ashbringer or a fully fledged series in its own right.[4]


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