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To pull the Editing Tip of the Day into a page, use {{editingtip}}.

1 You can get RSS feeds of changes to pages. While viewing the page history, select "RSS" from the toolbox in the left-hand menu! [edit]
2 Not finding the Help you're looking for? Try Category:Help! [edit]
3 There's lots of pre-made templates ready for use to help you design your pages! [edit]
4 Deleting a page only takes a few tag inserts. See Help:Deleting pages! [edit]
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6 Want the Tip of the Day in your page? Just insert {{editingtip}}! [edit]
7 The other contributors value your input! You can help out by voting! [edit]
8 Want to help out but don't know with what? Check out the Community portal! [edit]
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16 Use {{tocright}} to position the Table of Contents to the right. Use extremely sparingly! [edit]
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23 Szeretné használni a sablont a dolgokat, de nem tudom, hogyan dolgozik, vagy mit tegyek? Lásd World of Warcraft Wiki:Templates. [edit]
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25 Készítenék egy itemet a cikkben, de nem tudom hogy milyen ikont használjak? Használd {{Icon needed}}! [edit]

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