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13th October 2009 - Saving Private Ryan's Robert Rodat attached to write Warcraft flick

Director man Sam Raimi has revealed the 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Patriot' screenwriter, Robert Rodat, is going to be crafting "an original story" for Warcraft. Raimi says they'll be "really faithful" to the game lore, he wants it "accurate and true" to Azeroth's inhabitants. So gold farmers confirmed? It will feel like a "'World of WarCraft' adventure." Read more at Strategy Informer

12th October 2009 - China Tightens Regulation On Foreign Online Game Operation

Due to the Chinese regulatory authorities, it may be harder for foreign companies such as Blizzard to operate and even distribute game updates in China. NetEase which currently operates the Chinese version of World of Warcraft and saw its stock fall 5 percent after the announcement. This new came only weeks after World of Warcraft finally restarted for Chinese players, also due to Chinese government regulation problems. Read more at Gamasutra.

12th October 2009 - WoW Conversion Coming!

In preparation for the launch of new features, on November 11, 2009, all current World of Warcraft players will be required to merge their World of Warcraft accounts with a account in order to log in to the game. Read it here

10th October 2009 - The October Gadgetzan Times is here!

Brought to you straight from a printing press deep in the frozen hills of Icecrown, the new edition of the Gadgetzan Times has hit the stands and is packed full of Azerothian goodness. Read it here

2nd October 2009 - Blizzard Entertainment on YouTube!

The official Blizzard Entertainment YouTube channel has arrived - check it out at

2nd October 2009 - Blizzard Entertainment's new website is live!

Blizzard have completely redesigned their main website - take a look around at

1st October 2009 - Patch 3.3.0 now available on the Public Test Realm

The Public Test Realm (PTR) is back up and running with the upcoming Patch 3.3.0 changes. Included is the Forge of Souls, one of the new 5-man dungeons at the Icecrown Citadel is available for testing. See the Patch 3.3.0 notes for details.

14th September 2009 - Cataclysm Environments: The Abyssal Maw

The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm website has been updated with new information about the vast ocean known as the Abyssal Maw, one of the many new dungeons you will be able to explore in the upcoming expansion. Check out the Abyssal Maw page now.

21st August 2009 - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Unveiled

Blizzard Entertainment reveals the third expansion for its popular subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game at BlizzCon gaming festival. See the trailer and more at the Official Cataclysm Website.

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Kiemelt szócikk

Az Isle of Quel'Danas (másnéven "Sunwell Isle", vagy egyszerűen "Quel'Danas"LoC #?) Keleti Királyságok övezet északi részén, Patch 2.4 adta hozzá, a harmadik területet alkotó Quel'Thalast. Ez az első szabadtéri zóna amit a játékhoz adtak, számos napi küldetéssel, valamint az utolsó raid és dungeon a Wrath of the Lich King kiegészítés előtt.
A sziget ajánlata tartalmazza Sunwell Plateaut, ahol Kil'jaedent idézték; Magisters' Terracet, végső nyughelyét Kael'thas Sunstridernek; és Sun's Reach, a város által regenerált kombinációját Aldor és Scryer erőinek Shattered Sun Offensive néven.

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WoWWiki news

2008 Február 10. – Kiemelt cikk!

Megszületett az első kiemelt cikk!

2008 Január 15. – WoWWiki-HUN Közösségi Portál és Vitafórum!

Elindult Közösségi Portál és Vitafórum, ahol minden kérdésre választ kapsz

2007 November 2. – WoWWiki-HUN szerkesztés!

Megkérek minden szerkesztőt, hogy az angol Wowwiki szerkezete alapján fordítson, és készítse el az adott cikket.

2007 Október 26. – WoWWiki-HUN külalak !

Külalakban is az angol Wowwiki mellett vagyunk.

2007 Október 19. – WoWWiki-HUN szerkesztőket keres !

Szerkesztőket keresünk akik, nem csak időszakosan, hanem komolyan is foglalkoznak az oldallal. Ha van angolnyelv tudásod, és szeretnél részt venni az oldal teljes magyarosításában akkor várunk szívesen. Regisztrálj.

2007 Október 19. – WoWWiki-HUN start !

WoWWiki-HUN végre komolyan beindult ! ! !

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Featured media

Brawl'gar Arena in Orgrimmar

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WoWWiki poll!

<poll> Which is your favourite Northrend zone? Howling Fjord Borean Tundra Dragonblight Grizzly Hills Zul'Drak Sholazar Basin Crystalsong Forest The Storm Peaks Icecrown </poll>

Eredmények a korábbi szavazások

Melyik Northrend zónában tervezel kezdeni?
With about 4000 votes, 35% haven't decided where to level yet. However, out of those who do know, the Howling Fjord is the big winner. Avoid if you want to level in peace ;) (See poll)

Who would you most want to defeat?
From about 5700 votes, it appears Sargeras should stay in hiding - 45% of respondents want to "meet" him. However, lucky for him, 30% will be happy with Arthas Menethil first... (See poll)

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