Tracking refers to any ability which allows the player to track resource nodes or mobs on the mini-map. Only one tracking ability can be active at a time. A control on the border of the mini-map allows the player to choose which type of tracking to enable (or none).

The ability to track the mobs in World of Warcraft is usually the sole bailiwick of the hunter, although other classes have limited tracking capabilities as well. At advancing levels, the hunter can learn to track Beasts, Humanoids, the Undead, Hidden foes, Elementals, Demons, Giants, and Dragonkin.

When a mob-tracking ability is activated, every creature that fits the classification selected shows up on the mini-map as a labeled dot, color-coded to its friendliness (green) or hostility (red). Tracking can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the hunter's situational awareness. For instance, in an area populated by both beast and humanoid mobs, the hunter can switch between beast and humanoid tracking, and stay aware of where ~95% of the mobs are in his general vicinity. Tracking is also useful if one has to beat a hasty retreat to a rearward fortification for safety's sake. Just keep monitoring the mini-map while switching frequently between tracking modes to find the most aggro free escape route. You can also see the name of the mob (or player/pet) if you mouseover the dot on the minimap, which for instance makes finding one specific mob in a group of mobs easier.

Other classes which have class-specific tracking abilities include:

Other tracking abilities include

  • Any character who has the Mining profession can sense mineral veins.
  • Any character who has the Herbalism profession can sense herbs.
  • Characters with the Fishing profession may acquire Find Fish, to track fish schools.
  • Dwarves have a racial ability which allows them to sense treasure chests.
  • All characters can track useful types of NPCs, like flight masters or particular vendors, if any are nearby.
  • Engineers with Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles or one of the epic engineering helms automatically track mote clouds when they have them equipped. This is the only mode of tracking that will stack with other tracking modes.

Patch changes Edit

In a patch, Blizzard added the ability for all players to track other things, like mailboxes, flight masters, and armor repairers.

A later patch added inkeepers .

Wrath-Logo-Small In 3.0, the ability for players to search for low-level quests was added. Πρότυπο:Tracking

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