Sleeping undead

Undead Sleeping

Sleep is a condition which has a few meanings in World of Warcraft:

  1. A prone non-combat position where a character lies down on whatever they are sitting or standing on.

Additional notes:

    • A character cannot walk, run, jump or engage in combat directly from a sleeping position, they must first stand.
    • It takes a short amount of time to sleep from a sitting or standing position and about equal amount of time to stand from a sleeping position.
    • A character begins adding potential bonus XP time when they sleep only when in an inn or capital city.
      Note: You don't actually have to be in the sleeping position to get this bonus, simply logging out in a location where your character portrait shows a Resting bonus is sufficient.

  1. A variety of spells and abilities that cause a sleep-like state.
    See Sleep Effect.
    See Sleep (Mage spell).
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