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To generate a random number in a particular range (usually 1 - 100) by players vying for an looted item or chest.

In World of Warcraft, most players would generate a random number using the Slash Command:

/random <#>


/roll <#>

The number <#> denotes the range of numbers to pick randomly from. This can be a range (two numbers separated by a "&dash;"), or a single number. If a single number is given, 1 will be used as lower bound and the number as the higher, if no numbers are given at all 1-100 is assumed. Examples:

  • "/roll 1337-1337" will result in rolling the number 1337,
  • "/random 20" returns a number from 1 to 20 (inclusive),
  • "/roll" yields a result between 1 and 100.

In a group or party, rolling is involuntary depending on the loot options.

Voluntary Rolling[]

Example scenario:

  1. Player 1: "Hey, I see a chest!"
  2. Player 2: "Okay, let's roll for it."
  3. Player 3: /random 100
    System Message: Player 3 rolled a 3 of 100.
  4. Player 3: "I guess I don't get to open it... :-("
  5. Player 1: /rand 100
    System Message: Player 1 rolled a 97 of 100.
  6. Player 1: "W00t!"
  7. Player 2: "Hold on, cowboy..."
  8. Player 2: /roll
    System Message: Player 2 rolled a 56 of 100.
  9. Player 2: "Darn, roll hack! ;-)"
  10. Player 1 opens the chest and loots its contents... but being nice, gives stuff not needed or can't use to the other players...
  11. Player 2: "Sweet"
  12. Player 3: "Thx"

Blizzard claims that there is no such thing as roll hacks.

When you are the one who has rolled, it says You instead of your character's name.

Involuntary Rolling[]

See Looting While In A Party.